A day in the life of the Preno founders

An inspiring mission to minimise stress & optimise operations for hoteliers

Preno was introduced to the hotel management software market in late 2015, following the joint entrepreneurship of Amelia Gain and Max Podolian.

Two students of information technology, and Amelia, an expert in hospitality – the now CTO and CEO of Preno, recognised a gap in the hospitality industry.

Hotel software was clunky & time-consuming: “We wondered why hotel systems had to be so complicated”

Following university, Amelia went on to own her own boutique hotel in Queenstown, while Max went into software development.

Amelia discovered a need for simple hotel software, when she constantly found herself spending hours on admin, training staff and dealing with daily issues like double bookings.

“A gap that needed filling – the need for a simplified hotel software”

“Working in the hospitality industry, it became apparent very quickly just how clunky and difficult hotel software was. I struggled to find a streamlined system, and I wondered why the accommodation industry was so complicated. I saw a gap that needed filling – the need for a simplified, yet powerful, hotel software.”

– Amelia Gain, CEO / Co-founder

“I believe that technology and automation can help small businesses grow”

“We designed Preno to simplify daily operations and free up time so that hoteliers can focus on more important things (like creating unique guest experiences). I believe that technology and automation can help small businesses grow – and Preno offers this to hoteliers.”

– Max Podolian, CTO / Co-founder


Sincere values at the centre of Preno

Genuine goals & amazing customer service: taking care of hoteliers so they can take care of their guests

Since the beginning, the goal of Preno has always been simple: to make life easier for hoteliers. Amelia and Max understood just how busy hoteliers get, and how stretched across their business they can be, so they wanted to provide a solution.

Customers at the core: “We’re passionate about our customers and the product we’re developing”

Preno was founded on a genuine care for hoteliers, hence, the team at Preno follow supportive values on a daily basis. Not only did Amelia and Max instil goals to support hoteliers with a leading hotel management system, but also with customer service.

The Preno founders have always followed a customer focused approach, offering 24/7 support, with helpful, approachable and supportive values.

“We like like to think of our customers as our hotel guests”

“Hoteliers devote their time to providing amazing services to their guests, so we want to be able to do this for them. They’re looking after their guest, but who’s looking after them? We are. We like to think of our customers as our hotel guests. We have a highly responsive approach to customer support and we always remain very close to the customers.”

– Amelia Gain, CEO / Co-founder

“It’s really great to see hoteliers benefiting from Preno”

“We keep everyone in the team very close to the customer and their issues. We love to hear and take on board customer feedback. We are continuously developing our product, and it’s really great to see hoteliers benefiting from Preno. It’s great to be able to provide tools that help hotels increase efficiency.”

– Max Podolian, CTO / Co-founder



A talented team & inclusive company culture

In the 6 years that Preno has been around, it has evolved in both its functionality as a software and reach as a company.

From the very beginning, Max and Amelia have followed a forward-thinking approach – continuously looking at new and innovative ways to lead as the best PMS in the field. With this, they’ve come a long way.

A product lead by a tight-knit team: “Each and everyone one of us adds value to Preno”

But something else that has significantly helped in the development of Preno is the wider talented team that continues to grow.

The Preno team is full of skilled and fun people – each with unique talents and ideas that they instil in Preno on a daily basis. More than this, the team works together, sharing insights across departments. At Preno, everyone is empowered to voice their opinions, and everyone is a part of the growth and success of the company.

“It is impressive to see the talented team that we are building”

“Our team is ever evolving, and our welcoming culture is determined by every one of us. We have a diverse team from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, and each and every one of us adds value to Preno. It is impressive to see the talented team that we are building – that energises me.”

– Amelia Gain, CEO / Co-founder

“We are continuously improving how we work together”

“At Preno, everyone in the team is highly motivated and always has excellent ideas on how to improve our product and technology. But most importantly, we are continuously improving how we work together.“

– Max Podolian, CTO / Co-founder


Always looking forward, but with the same mission

The future vision of Preno is leading in simplicity & automation, with the goal of benchmarking the way hoteliers do business

Preno has come a long way since foundation, and the field of digital technology and automation has too. But one thing has and will always remain the same: Preno’s genuine customer focus.

Preno was built to help hoteliers, and as Amelia and Max look towards the future of Preno, ultimately; they are looking forward to a time when more and more hoteliers are able to optimise automation, simplify daily operations and work without stress.

Hoteliers dedicate their time to helping their guests, so Preno dedicates time to helping them.

Want to see for yourself just how easy Preno is to use? Try it for free.

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