A day in the life of the Preno marketing team

Sharing a great product, with great people: our marketing team’s day-to-day

Promoting a product is easy when it is genuine – and for our marketing team, this couldn’t be more true. At Preno, we are all passionate people, with unique skills, each sharing the same goal: to care for our customers.

This is why, for our marketing team, there is nothing but passion and vision.

We spend our days creating content, forming connections, and building awareness about Preno – and we do it because we understand the struggles that hoteliers face. We recognise a gap in efficiency, and we wish to share Preno in an aim to relieve stress for hoteliers.


“A product that is built with genuine care”

Building awareness of Preno so hoteliers can live a more calm lifestyle

“There is a difference between a super easy product that is built specifically for hoteliers, and one that it is not. So many hoteliers do not realise how difficult other software is until they have Preno in their hands. So I love going out in the market and visiting hoteliers to share this with them and to learn more about what they care about.”

– Menilik, Demand Generation Manager

“It is very rewarding being a part of sharing a product that is built with a genuine care for and understanding of hoteliers. It amazes me so much how hands-on hoteliers lives are, and more than this, their extreme resilience. Having the ability to share Preno with hoteliers, and help minimise their stress so they can live a more calm lifestyle is very rewarding to me.”

– Alix, Content Marketing Specialist


Passionate about Preno’s growth & reach

“Our growth is testament to how great, and genuine our software is”

For our marketing team, the goal is simple: to increase our reach to hoteliers, so that we can share the simplicity of Preno with them.

From growing brand awareness through social platforms, to driving suitable leads, to running thought-leading webinars, and sharing insightful content – the day-to-day for our marketing team is varied and focused.


“Preno is all about helping hoteliers”

We follow a genuine approach, putting in the time to reach hoteliers who fit Preno

“We’ve sped up our growth rate during covid-19 – and it’s likely we’re one of the few hotel software companies growing at this time. Our growth is testament to how great, and powerful our software is for hoteliers. This is also true of our customer-focused approach – we always put our customers first and I love this.”

– Menilik, Demand Generation Manager

“Preno is all about helping hoteliers. Some companies are very cut-throat, but with Preno, our main focus is supporting hoteliers and minimising their stress. I love being a part of this and having the opportunity to help increase our reach and share Preno with more accommodation owners.”

– Alix, Content Marketing Specialist



Creativity & ingenuity at the core

Reaching customers with honest and innovative marketing methods

Great marketing is focused on reaching customers with unique and tailored methods. For our marketing team, it’s about understanding the customer and tailoring content to them.

Whether we’re publishing helpful hotelier articles, or sharing stories and photos of our customers – everything we do is with a creative, customer-focused mindset.


Drawing inspiration from customers & hoteliers

“You can’t really have success in marketing without a sense of creativity”

“I love the variety of my role – and the challenge too. I like testing theories and thinking of new strategies to help Preno improve. You can’t really have success in marketing without a sense of creativity and the willingness to try and test things. I also love seeing the results of activities we try (both good and bad).”

– Menilik, Demand Generation Manager

“As a writer, having the creative freedom to create new content on a daily basis is so amazing to me. I love creating social media posts, writing articles; and I especially love interviewing our customers to write stories. Our customers all have a really positive attitude, and I draw a lot of my inspiration from them.”

– Alix, Content Marketing Specialist


A team that encourages one another

“We’re all striving to go after the same thing, and see Preno succeed”

The great thing about working in the Preno marketing team (and wider team) is that we’re all encouraged to think outside the box, and share ideas.

This makes marketing fun, because we have creative freedom, and support from each other, and the wider team to implement new and unique ideas.


Kindness & mindfulness at the heart of Preno

At Preno “we are always encouraged to voice our ideas and be creative”

“I love the people at Preno, they’re great. We’re all striving to go after the same thing and see Preno succeed. It is awesome that we’re such a positive, hardworking team. I also like the culture very much – it’s positive and fun. I work remotely, so when I have the opportunity to hang out with the team it is always great.”

– Menilik, Demand Generation Manager

“I really love working for Preno. Everyone in the team is kind and fun, and it is a very welcoming environment to work in. There is no sense of hierarchy – we are all equal, and are always encouraged to voice our ideas and be creative. As a writer, I literally get to practice mindfulness at my job, which not many people can say. I never feel stressed and I always feel included, I love Preno.”

– Alix, Content Marketing Specialist

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Preno's Content Marketer, Alix Dougherty, is educated in the Tourism field, so seeks to apply this knowledge to content that guides and inspires hoteliers. She is a passionate writer who enjoys creating content.

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