How to choose the best property management system for your hotel

Accommodation owners and operators are already time poor with the many duties the role encompasses. This is why a system that removes repetitive tasks and automates time-consuming processes, is a vital component for front desk and back-office operations.

Choosing a Property Management System (PMS) is an important decision for any hotelier. A PMS affects front desk operations through to accounting and IT, which is why knowing what to look for is important. A PMS can help in streamlining the workflow that comes with managing a property, saving you time and increasing your revenue. It’ll also give you more time to interact with your guests. Here we provide some key tips on choosing the best PMS for your property:


Your PMS should be able to integrate with other systems that you’ll need to run your property. Related software like a point-of-sale system for on-site restaurants are important to help with a seamless guest experience. It’s also important that your PMS connects with a Channel Manager that lists to your desired Online Travel Agents (OTA) (e.g. Preno has a channel manager, and also connects with STAAH and SiteMinder). Many channel managers also include a booking button you can embed into your website. Integrating with specialised systems is beneficial for your property as each system is an expert in its field.


It is important for you to look at what your business requires, and then match it with a PMS that meets your requirements. While cost will factor, it is more important to have a system that streamlines your workflows and meets your requirements. Always take advantage of the free trial or demo to see if the system is suitable for your property. Opting for a cloud-based, rather than premise-based system can also help reduce the cost. Cloud-based means no IT infrastructure to manage, just your computers or tablets to look after.

Set up time

Choose a PMS that’s easy to set up, and one that is intuitive to use. Cloud-based systems thrive in this, as they do not need complex software downloads. Look for a system that employees at every level can use and understand. Having one that is intuitive and simple to learn will make the transition to the new PMS less time-consuming. It’ll also make training new staff a breeze.

Training and support

Hospitality is a 24/7 industry; look for providers that offer support to suit your hours of operation. This means they’ll be on hand to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter. Choose a PMS that offers ongoing training, this will be helpful when you first start using the system, and great if you need a refresher later on. Ongoing training and support will be vital in helping you understand integrations and any new features too. It’s also important they have some helpful resources available so that you can look up some helpful articles on any issues you may have.


Look for features that are essential to running your property at its optimum. Make sure you are happy with how reservations are displayed, and that the check-in and check-out process is simple. You’ll also want the ability to store guest information so that you can contact them pre and post-stay. Another good feature to have is the ability to track returning guests and create detailed guest profiles, allowing you to personalise every visit. You’ll also want the flexibility to add and package extras together with a room, for any specials, extra charges or up-sells. A housekeeping feature is also essential in managing the daily tasks, make sure it is intuitive and provides adequate detail for your housekeeping staff. Finally, it is important your property management system provides some analytics and reporting. This will help you track performance and targets so you can maximise revenue by making good financial decisions.

Upgrading your legacy PMS isn’t as time-consuming or difficult as you may think. Preno can help migrate your existing booking data over, and we’ll be there to support you via our 24/7 in-app chat support.

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