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Guide: What is AirBnB and when to use it

What is AirBnB?

AirBnB has changed the hotel industry by providing the opportunity for anyone with a spare room or property to connect with travellers looking for accommodation. Hosts can make money out of their spare room (or property), and travellers are able to stay in unique accommodation. As AirBnB’s popularity grows in New Zealand, the opportunity for hotels to use AirBnB as a sales channel is becoming more viable.

Why should I use it?

As a hotel, you can easily list your available rooms on AirBnB and reach guests looking for accommodation. The website provides a great new channel to expose your hotel on, and the commission rate for AirBnB bookings is a mere 3% (compared to 10-18% from online travel agents). AirBnB is still new in New Zealand, so properties already listed have an advantage. Building your property’s reputation on AirBnB will create a record of positive reviews and place you ahead of others in your area. It’s important to be aware of the downsides with AirBnB. Guests are encouraged to chat with their hosts before and during booking, to find out more about the property. This could mean a higher level of effort per booking for you as an operator. Bookings on AirBnB also have a higher risk of cancellation than other booking channels. Low Seasons and empty rooms are another area AirBnB can become a solution for your property. AirBnB can be used to pull in bookings over your low season and provide an extra channel of exposure for rooms that haven’t been filled through your normal booking channels.

How can I use AirBnB?

To use AirBnB, simply create an account and upload images of your property. You can update availability, the different rooms you have and give information about your unique property. Travellers are able to make bookings and communicate with you directly to confirm their trip, so you can sit back while the bookings roll in!

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