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Is your tech stack sabotaging your hotel business?

PMS, CRS, CRM, IBE, Channel managers, and GDS. It’s enough to make your head spin, and having the wrong combination could sink your business!

So what is a tech stack? Do you have the right combination? And is your tech stack sabotaging your business? We shed some insight and help you answer those questions.

What is a tech stack?

A tech stack is a set of technology that you leverage to improve the running of your business. A tech stack should provide you flexibility and performance in running your accommodation. A tech stack can include your property management system, point of sale, channel manager, and accounting software.

Is your tech stack sabotaging your business?

Having a tech stack that doesn’t connect or ‘talk’ to each other will impact on your time and revenue. Software with complicated processes and cluttered interfaces can make daily processes more difficult than it needs to be. Having too many programs can double up on the work. This is where choosing the best of breed software can help any overlap and double handling of work.

Does your accounting software integrate with your property management system, and does it help you do all that you need to accomplish in an automated and streamlined way? Can you bill dining charges to your guests’ reservation, so your staff doesn’t have to manually add the charge to each reservation?

If technology isn’t helping you have more time and less admin, it’s not working for you or your business.

What should your tech stack look like for accommodation providers?

Choose best of breed software that suits the needs of running your accommodation. Make sure the software is easy to use, and easy to train staff on. This will save you time on operations. Your software choices should integrate with complementary software platforms to help you create an efficient tech infrastructure for running your accommodation business.

A property management system is the heart of running your accommodation business. It should help you have simple and efficient processes that save you time on day-to-day running of your property. Integrated with a channel manager (e.g. Preno, Staah & SiteMinder) to distribute your rooms across a multitude of channel managers. Have a restaurant on property, then have a point-of-sale system that allows guests to bill their dining bill to their reservation.

Why it’s important to get it right

A good tech stack can free up your time spent on admin. It can boost productivity and help you increase revenue. Technology is there to help you efficiently run your accommodation business, so make it work for you, not the other way around.

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