Meet the team: Nick

If you’ve ever been curious about the team of people behind Preno, here is your chance to find out a little more about them. The team has grown significantly in the last year! From what started as our co-founders Amelia (CEO) and Max (CTO) sitting around a kitchen table, to the team we have today; we think it’s about time you got to meet us!

This week we’ll be chatting to our customer’s first point of contact, Nick!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Nick, and I love coffee, eating, and trying new restaurants. I come from an accounting and sales background, and I’m about to finish my accounting degree at the University of Auckland. I started at Preno as an intern and worked my way up! You can almost always find me connected to my phone or laptop.

What is your role on the team?

I’m the Head of Sales. I’m there throughout the process of you finding out about Preno, through to you using us. You’ll see me introducing Preno to new people, being on support, sales, data import, tech support – basically anything customer facing. I’m usually the first person you meet, and also the first person you’ll contact for any help, and the person you’ll see most of. I like being part of the customer life-cycle, and I love hearing about each customer’s unique business. I give each customer personal care and attention, and appreciate the creative problem solving I can accomplish through knowing our customers.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Uh, the coffee machine, lunch time, and snack time! Haha, but really I enjoy working with an authentically passionate team. We’re all here to do cool things and make big changes happen! For me, it’s all about the team – it’s everything to me!

Tell us something not well known about yourself?

I love creative writing!

If you were a spice, what would it be?

Sumac, because it’s quite unusual and versatile. Or MSG because everything tastes better with MSG!

About the author

Amanda is Preno’s content strategist, with added skills in copywriting and digital marketing. Working across Marketing & Sales, she enjoys writing content that covers trends, tips, and resources that help empower hoteliers.