Why innovation and new technology is important for the accommodation industry

In an industry that’s fast-paced and evolving, accommodation providers will need innovation and new technology to help them keep up to date.  Software is something that has been in the hospitality industry for a long time, which is why there is still a prevalence of on-premise legacy systems. Looking forward, accommodation owners understand that they’ll need to implement innovative technologies to succeed in the changing industry.

A competitive industry

With more competition from OTAs and the rise of Airbnb, hotels need to compete on the guest experience level, and technology can aid that. The hospitality industry has been slow to develop and adopt new technologies. We have seen the industry play catch up recently, with the development of new technologies and the adoption of more cloud-based systems. While these systems cannot be overhauled all at once, you can start to move towards more modern software infrastructure with the use of cloud-based platforms.

Technology infrastructure

With the excitement surrounding the new emerging tech trends, it is vital to focus on the fundamental systems first. Getting the foundations right will set you up for success. Starting with a system central to the functions of your business and then looking into additional complementary systems, will be the key to building a cohesive technology infrastructure.

Your systems should work together

Using platforms that don’t integrate with each other can make for complex and decentralised tech infrastructure. The limitations of fragmented tech infrastructure are inefficient processes, which is why it’s so important that all your platforms work together. You need data to be shared accurately and in real-time in order to make insightful business decisions.

Start with a property management system (PMS)

Starting with a cloud-based PMS that has comprehensive integrations with other tools will ensure you get the most out of your business. You’ll equip your staff and business with the technology they’ll need to be successful, and in the process you’ll be preparing your business for the future with cloud-based technologies.

Where you can win: Guest experience

Technology is also an important factor in creating a seamless guest experience. The easier the guest check-in and checkout process, the more enjoyable their stay will be. Having systems that work together will enable your staff to save time on the admin and help them create a flawless guest experience. With the competitive nature of hotel bookings, this could be a deciding factor in repeat guests and direct bookings.

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