Our Top 25 Hospitality Champions of 2022

This award is dedicated to the individual mover & shakers in the hospitality industry.

The marketers, technology implementers, revenue managers and beyond that strive to improve businesses and change the way we think about traditional accommodation management. These individuals go above and beyond to guarantee their clients and communities success, and develop the industry as we know it.

How did our Hospitality Champions make this list year of winners

Being in the hospitality industry ourselves, we're introduced to all types of accommodation consultants while working alongside our software users around the world. We have compromised this list from our networks, the knowledge we've gained through external partnerships and customer recommendations in our core markets, Australasia & the United Kingdom.

Our panel of contributors to Preno's
Top 25 Hospitality Champions list

Preno Co-founder

Max Podolian

Preno Co-founder

Amelia Gain

Preno's Head of Growth

Menilik Dyer

Preno's Marketing Manager

Scott Martin

Preno Content Manager

Kendra Jeffery

Preno's Customer Teeam Lead

Jessica Kwok

Our top 25 Hospitality Champions for 2022

Winners are in alphabetical order

Bamboo Revenue

Bamboo Revenue is a hotel reservation and revenue management consultancy based in the United Kingdom. With 25+ years of experience in the luxury independent hotel sector, they have a wealth of knowledge regarding revenue assessments, revenue management, Hotel systems implementation, and much more. We’re delighted to showcase them in our hospitality champions list.

Catala Consulting

Catala Consulting covers all aspects of revenue management, focusing predominantly on bespoke packages to aid accommodation businesses' needs. These packages ensure customers reach their maximum return on investment, and their innovative ideas have solidified Catala Consulting as one of the leading consulting companies in London.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is a technology and lifestyle accountant located in Australia. Her unique understanding of Accounting Apps and how they can be utilised to improve business workflow and drive data decisions helped her become the leading industry specialist she is today.

Hemisphere Hospitality Solutions

HHS, based in Australia, is a one-stop shop for hospitality revenue. Their staff expertise covers a vast range of areas, from strategy, sales and marketing to online distribution, online travel agent management and beyond. HHS focuses primarily on increasing occupancy, rates and yield while maintaining its strong portfolio and loyal clientele.

Hotel Strategy Co.

As hotel performance consultants, Hotel Strategy Co helps hoteliers to overcome the frustration they experience as they try to improve their hotel business performance. They pioneered a predictable and scalable ‘Hotel Growth System’ that makes sense in the fragmented, competitive and technology dominated hospitality industry, that we all operate in.

Koncept Konnect

Koncept Konnect's strength comes from their well-established relationships with industry partners. From online travel agents and software partners, to property management systems companies and more. Their company leverages these connections to save their clients precious time and money - bringing together businesses in a mutually beneficial way.

Majo Solutions

Majo Solutions are specialised in working alongside them to provide business solutions in the hospitality and retail sectors. Matt from Majo, provides consultancy services that utilise 25+ years of his business experience and "Easy-to-use" cloud software solutions to help improve their client's businesses.


InnDepth Hospitality is a business and people development consultancy specialising in marketing, sales and revenue management solutions. InnDepth Hospitality, unlike other consultancies, don’t hand clients a lengthy report outlining what is wrong and leave them with a problem. Instead, they work alongside their clients to provide practical solutions and assistance in implementing them across various areas of the business.

INNOV8 Hospitality Solutions

INNOV8 Hospitality Solutions is a trusted advisory and solutions provider to independent hoteliers and moteliers. They give their vast cliental access to invauable industry experts, dedicated support, digital solutions and intelligent data. By working closely with their independent accommodation clients, they aim to create and actionable and measurable plan to help them succeed in the hospitality sector.

Insight Hotel Marketing

Insight Hotel Marketing is a sales company based in Australia which specialises in promoting hotels, resorts and serviced apartments across all market segments. Their service includes a comprehensive consultation process to help their clients identify gaps in the market and highlight opportunities in all areas of hotel sales and hotel marketing.

Occupancy Accelerator

Damien Knowles specialises in assisting boutique hotels to gain more direct bookings. Operating out of New Zealand, Damien connects lodges, resorts and retreats with their ideal guests, without discounting or using OTAs. He does this by selling clients' experiences, beyond their rooms. He's an exemplary occupancy accelerator with tested and proven results.

Orange Hotel Marketing

Orange Hotel Marketing specialises in all of the essential components of hotel marketing in the digital age. They work alongside their clients to craft effective digital advertising to boost direct bookings and help them to stand out online against fierce competitors. They also provide public relations assistance - making them a full marketing service provider in the hospitality sector.

Revenue By Design

Revenue By Design, based in the United Kingdom, has extensive experience in developing revenue management strategies for accommodation providers. They help hospitality clients implement cost-effective strategies to improve their top and bottom line, develop best in class training for staff and provide clarity and direction to those needing guidance in the revenue and distribution sectors.


RevenYou works in collaboration with their client's onsite teams - providing their industry knowledge to support clients, and their businesses, through their revenue management, sales, marketing, training and development services. Their team have a proven record of working with a variety of accommodation operators throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region to grow their profits.


RevenYou, works with independent hotels to better manage their online distribution, sales and marketing. They help create the systems that their clients use on a day to day basis in order to increase their profit margins. Their team has a proven record of working with various accommodation operators throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Revstar Group

Revstar Group is a group of hotel strategists who are passionate about supporting their clients in order to grow and develop their businesses, seek new opportunities and maximise all revenue-generating opportunities. They also supply a team of specialists (with 20+ years of experience) for the price of one full-time employee.


RevUplift provides its clients with an extensive range of revenue strategy consulting services. It's an impressive one-stop shop for revenue optimisation in the hospitality sector. Their areas of expertise cover revenue management systems, distribution, B2B SaaS sales, demand generation, talent acquisition, business intelligence, process improvement and change management to facilitate growth.


New Zealand owned and operated, RoomsOnline focuses on how they can best serve their client's accommodation requirements. With positive productivity in mind, RoomsOnline’s consultants have come together to be an effective and efficient team that always focuses on improving their client's bottom line. Their mix of skills, knowledge and experience ensures that RoomsOnline delivers measurable results for their clients.

SKNapp Consulting

Shannon Knapp established SKNapp Consulting to utilise her 26 years of experience in hotels and reservations service contact centres, as well as revenue and distribution management systems. Shannon, and her consultants, collaborate with various hospitality professionals to develop their people, their purpose, and their processes, which ultimately leads to business profitability.

SMB Consultants

SMB Consultants leverage their 20+ years of experience to project manage growing inventory basses businesses. They bring together people, platforms and processes to find cloud-based solutions for everyday business functionality and growth issues.

Switch Hotel Solutions

Switch Hotel Solutions is a boutique business and hospitality consulting firm specialising in all things hotels, motels and resorts. Based in Australia, their areas of expertise range from asset and revenue management, to sales and digital marketing. They strive to provide their clients with the most modern technology and trending solutions so they can stay ahead of the curve.

Tech Pantry

Tech Pantry is dedicated to cloud integration for hospitality. Working together with their clients they analyse workflows, reporting requirements, staff rostering, payroll automation, online ordering, purchasing and more, to identify applications that can be implemented to improve current business systems.

The Hotel Pro

The Hotel Pro leverages over 20+ years of marketing, sales and revenue experience along with operational support to help their clients. They provide straight-talking, impartial guidance to help their clients run their businesses more efficiently and most importantly, profitably. They offer tailor-made consultative services and a simple no fixed cost pricing plan that pays for itself with measurable results.


Sarah Williams at TheRevManSpecialist has worked in hospitality for over 20 years. Her experience started first in operations, then marketing and sales, before finally moving into Revenue Management. This has enabled Sarah to provide in-depth hospitality revenue management consultancy services for her clients.

Tourism Accelerator

Tourism Accelerator brings together a collaborative team of tourism industry gurus who have worked across both domestic and international tourism markets, from mum-and-dad operations to large multi-national brands. They provide industry-leading mentoring and support for businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Vision Sales & Marketing

VSM works with small to medium-sized businesses in the hospitality sector, providing them with consultative sales and marketing strategies, to transform their vision into tangible business growth and revenue. VSM's careful and thorough identification of their clients' needs has been the foundation of their ongoing success.

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