Winner: RoomsOnline

This award is dedicated to the individual mover & shakers in the hospitality industry.

The marketes, technology implementers, revenue managers and beyond that strive to imprive businesses and change the way we think about traditional accommodation management. These individuals go above and beyong to guarantee their clients and communities success, and develop the industry as we know it.

Our Top 25 Hospitality Champions of 2022

New Zealand owned and operated, RoomsOnline focuses on how they can best serve their client's accommodation requirements. With positive productivity in mind, RoomsOnline’s consultants have come together to be an effective and efficient team that always focuses on improving their client's bottom line. Their mix of skills, knowledge and experience ensures that RoomsOnline delivers measurable results for their clients.

Our panel of contributors to Preno's
Top 25 Hospitality Champions list

Preno Co-founder

Max Podolian

Preno Co-founder

Amelia Gain

Preno's Head of Growth

Menilik Dyer

Preno's Marketing Manager

Scott Martin

Preno Content Manager

Kendra Jeffery

Preno's Customer Teeam Lead

Jessica Kwok

How did our Hospitality Champions make this list year of winners

Being in the hospitality industry ourselves, we're introduced to all types of accommodation consultants while working alongside our software users around the world. We have compromised this list from our networks, the knowledge we've gained through external partnerships and customer recommendations in our core markets, Australasia & the United Kingdom.

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