Leading the Way: Preno and MYOB Integration

Unify your business functions effortlessly with Preno and MYOB. Bridge the gap between front office administration and back office accounting to simplify invoicing, deposits, agent commissions, and much more.

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How Our MYOB Integration Benefits Hoteliers

Preno and MYOB are engineered to function in perfect harmony, making your hospitality financial management as efficient as possible. Here's how they collaborate:


Real-time Financial Data

With daily sales and payment data automatically transferred from Preno to MYOB, you always have access to current financial information.


Automated Accounts

Say goodbye to tedious manual entry; accounts receivable and accounts payable data are automatically updated in MYOB, cutting down on admin time.


Streamline Your Finances

The integration between Preno and MYOB simplifies your accounting workflows, reducing both complexity and the likelihood of errors.


Enhanced Financial Visibility

Generate comprehensive financial reports in MYOB using data seamlessly imported from Preno, giving you a clearer picture of your business's financial health.

MYOB's Integration with Preno

Streamline Your Financial Admin and Reclaim Your Time

Preno and MYOB work hand-in-hand to automate invoicing, reporting, and many other essential business tasks. Reap the rewards of an efficient and user-friendly platform that offers real-time data and simplifies your financial management.

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Seamless Synchronisation of MYOB Reporting Data with Preno

Benefit from real-time updates of your MYOB Payroll, Invoicing, Bookkeeping, and other vital business information directly within Preno. With auto-sync features, you're always assured of having the most current data at your fingertips.

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Handle Debtors, Deposits, Invoices, and Reconciliation on the Go

As a busy accommodation provider, 24/7 access to MYOB is essential, no matter where you are on your premises. Our platform is fully compatible with mobiles, Macs, and PCs, enabling effortless accounting management on the move.

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Efficiently Channel Revenue Streams to Different Accounts

Utilise Preno's custom mapping feature to effortlessly link your account to your MYOB chart of accounts. This enables coding of multiple revenue streams individually, as well as the handling of various commissions and bank mappings. Simplify your accounting processes and enhance your financial efficiency with Preno and MYOB.

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Automate Your Business Finances with Preno and MYOB

Efficiency is key in the hospitality industry, and the less time spent on manual tasks, the better. That’s why Preno’s Property Management System offers a comprehensive integration with the highly-regarded MYOB accounting software. Managing the finances of your accommodation business no longer has to be a tedious or complicated process. With Preno’s seamless integration with MYOB, you can fully automate your financial operations, have real-time access to crucial business metrics, and make your accounting procedures more straightforward than ever before.

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Streamline Agent Commissions & Payments with MYOB Invoicing

Agent commission management often involves complex calculations and varies from agent to agent. Preno's seamless integration with MYOB simplifies this process significantly. Import your agent information directly into Preno from MYOB, and you can effortlessly generate and handle invoices right from your reception desk.


Automated Invoicing & Reconciliation through MYOB Accounting

Billing tasks, whether they're for guests, agents, or corporate clients, have never been simpler thanks to Preno's integration with MYOB. Upon a guest's checkout, Preno takes care of invoicing and any agent commissions automatically, whilst ensuring that all line items, including any extras sold, are mapped to the appropriate accounts in MYOB.


Effortless Deposit & Prepayment Management with MYOB Accounting

Dealing with prepayments and reconciling them for future bookings can be time-consuming. Preno's integration with MYOB turns this challenge into a smooth operation. Utilize MYOB's prepayment features to make quick and accurate reconciliations, and effortlessly generate invoices for deposits and prepayments. There’s no need to double-check a guest's account before they depart, saving you even more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Preno-MYOB integration accomplish?

This integration syncs your financial data between Preno and MYOB, automating tasks such as invoicing, handling payments, and generating financial reports, ensuring accurate and current financial information.

How do I set up the Preno-MYOB integration?

The setup process is user-friendly. In Preno, go to the Integrations section, choose MYOB, and follow the steps to link your MYOB account. You will need your MYOB login details to complete the setup.

Is it possible to transfer historical data from Preno to MYOB?

Yes, historical booking and financial data can be imported from Preno to MYOB. We advise consulting with your accountant to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of the data.

How does the integration benefit financial reporting?

The integration facilitates real-time financial reporting by automatically updating your financial data in MYOB, aiding in the creation of precise and up-to-date financial reports for efficient analysis and decision-making.

Will I need to manually input data into MYOB after integration?

The integration greatly reduces the necessity for manual data entry. Transactions recorded in Preno, like guest payments, are automatically synced with MYOB.

How secure is my financial data with this integration?

Both Preno and MYOB adhere to industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your data, ensuring both confidentiality and integrity.

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