Meet the team: Diana

As you know from our last team profile, Preno has recently turned 2. We’ve since been reflecting on some of the firsts for the company. From our first customer, based in Paihia, who was incredibly patient with the product and our user testing, to our first Australian customer, based in the outback, to our first roadshow at Xerocon South ‘16. Preno has had many incredible experiences throughout this last year of growth.

This week we’d like to introduce our Product Designer, Diana!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I studied graphic design at AUT, and I worked in that field before moving to advertising. After some time in advertising, I discovered that it really wasn’t for me. You don’t see how the audience reacts to your work or if your design does its job. If a product is good, it will sell regardless, whether the advertising is good or not. I wanted to design with the user in mind, which is why I made the move to product.

What is your role on the team?

Co-founder of snack club, chief pizza officer. Oh yeah, and I’m also the product designer. I design anything that needs to be designed. I largely work on the design and user experience of our Preno web app, and I also work on marketing imagery. I also do the user testing, we identify features that enhance our product,  design it, test with our users, and make the necessary changes. I work to make the product awesome!

What’s the favourite part of your job?

I like that everyday is different. Looking back at the daily tasks I have for each day really shows the variety in my role. I can have a task for product design, and another for social media or marketing, and then I’ll spend some time helping on support. It’s always an exciting day, and I love the many facets of my role. I also like the team of people I work with, with any task I have, I can ask different people to get their different views. Everyone has a different approach and it’s nice that my job involves working with all the team members. Plus we are all awesome and genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. Not only do we socialise well together, we work really well together. I feel like the team makes the job!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I have longboarded for years, and have skated most of the car parks in the CBD. Long scenic skates around Devonport and Mission Bay are my favourite! I have also designed and created a short line of longboards.

If I were a tea…

I’d be a roasted brown rice and green tea, because it reminds me of the time I ate my way through Japan!

About the author

Amanda is Preno’s content strategist, with added skills in copywriting and digital marketing. Working across Marketing & Sales, she enjoys writing content that covers trends, tips, and resources that help empower hoteliers.