Cloud-Based Property Management Software

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Hotel management

The best cloud-based PMS software

Smart, connected, cloud-based property management software that streamlines your hotel business.

  • Organise past, current & future reservations on Preno’s user-friendly, colour-coded reservations grid.
  • Easily shuffle & organise bookings & room types, by optimising Preno’s drag & drop feature.
  • Filter your cloud-based hotel management software to view specific bookings by payment type, status, groups & more.
  • Build comprehensive guest profiles, to provide personal touches to repeat guest stays.

Hotel management

Cloud-based property management software that connects with Xero

The best cloud-based PMS software integration with Xero accounting software.

  • Save time on manual administration, while Preno & Xero work together to automatically generate guest payments & invoices.
  • Rest easy, while Preno & Xero seamlessly map deposits within your cloud-based hotel software, speeding up processes & increasing efficiency.
  • Effortlessly create & send agent invoices, as Preno automatically syncs with Xero, pulling data, & storing it all in one easy-to-manage place.
Hotel management

Insightful reporting within your cloud-based property management software

Analyse, and learn from real-time hotel performance reports, automatically generated in your cloud-based hotel software.

  • Prepare for the future by analysing Preno’s automatically generated performance reports, & making business improvements accordingly.
  • Optimise your cloud-based hotel PMS reporting tools to track past performance, set new goals & make improvements to your business.
  • Keep track of key hotel metrics from anywhere, with unlimited access to downloadable performance reports & graphs.
  • Make use of the best cloud-based PMS software tools to make focused & effective business decisions.

Cloud-based property management software with channel manager integrations

Reach a wide variety of online travel agents (OTAs) with the best cloud-based PMS software + channel manager integrations.

  • Option to upgrade to Preno’s PMS + channel manager (booking engine also available) or, integrate with leading channel managers STAAH & SiteMinder.
  • Effortlessly connect with & distribute hotel rooms across a number of OTA platforms, & receive real-time updates.
  • Rest easy, while Preno’s channel manager (and/or integrations) update your cloud-based property management software with instant availability updates.
  • Significantly reduce unnecessary manual administration, all the while eliminating double bookings, with powerful channel manager integrations.
  • Stay up-to-date will all guest & reservation details, as Preno imports data directly from OTA platforms.

Hotel management
Hotel management

24/7, personal customer support

In addition to the powerful tools that Preno’s powerful cloud-based hotel PMS offers, Preno also offers 24/7 customer support – set up to help you run your accommodation business.

  • Personalised customer support, available 24/7, with a rapid response time.
  • Effortlessly raise queries or concerns to Preno’s customer team in your in-app-chat (built within your cloud-based hotel PMS).
  • Ongoing support, live training & personalised demos provided to empower you with learning your new cloud-based hotel software.