Our integration with Xero is the best in the business

Use Preno with Xero Accounting to streamline your business by connecting front office admin with back office accounting. Simplify invoicing, deposits, agent commissions, billing and more.


How our Xero integration helps hoteliers

We've created a seamless flow from Preno about your guest's stay to Xero, making it easy to produce invoices and reconcile your bank statements. Billing and agent commission can also be managed with ease, making it a no-brainer for hoteliers.

Creating seamless online accounting solution for hoteliers.

Reasons to use Preno

Create customised recurring online invoices for regular suppliers

Reasons to use Preno

Real-time data when you connect Xero with Preno

Reasons to use Preno

Pay your staff quickly with simple online payroll software

Reasons to use Preno

Easily track inventory & stock

Xero's integration with Preno

Using Preno with Xero makes managing and tracking individual or group invoices a breeze. Work with smart tools like Xero to cover the basics of your accounting needs all in one place.

Financial Admin Automated to Take Back Your Valuable Time.

Xero Accounting and Preno work together to allow users to automate their invoicing, reporting, and so much more.

key feature

Real-Time Syncing of Xero Reporting Data With Preno.

Xero Payroll, Xero Invoicing, Xero Bookkeeping and so much more are automatically updated into Preno in real-time. Giving you up-to-date data consistently.

key feature

Manage debtors, deposits, invoices, and reconciliation.

Access Xero Accounting Software from your mobile, Mac, or PC 24/7, wherever you are on the property. Because hoteliers are always on the move.

key feature

Map Revenue Streams to Different Accounts

Custom map from Preno to your Xero chart of accounts. This allows you to code multiple revenue streams separately, as well as have multiple commissions and bank mappings.

key feature

Preno & Xero working together

Efficiency is everything when it comes to running an accommodation business. The less double handling you have to do, the better! This is why, Preno’s PMS has the most comprehensive integration with world-leading cloud accounting software, Xero.

Use Preno with Xero to streamline your business by connecting front office admin with back office accounting. Simplify invoicing, deposits, agent commissions, billing and more. Preno automatically creates invoices, imports agent information and enables easy payment reconciliations through Xero.

User feedback stars
User feedback stars
User feedback stars

What are our customers saying about our Xero integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Xero to my Preno account?

It’s very simple! Check out our online help article here for step by step guidance on how to connect Preno to your Xero account.

How do I manage my Xero reconciliation?

Preno sends detailed data to Xero so you can easily use the Match function to reconcile transactions. Here’s our help article on reconciling transactions in Xero.

How do I contact if I need assistance?

If you have any questions about the Xero and Preno, we’d suggest visiting our online library for helpful articles first! We have training videos as well.

If you can’t find your answer there, just message the team via the chat bubble and we’ll be happy to help.

How does the Xero reporting work in with Preno?

If you are using Xero we’d recommend using the Xero reports to keep track of transactions. In Preno there are reports you can also refer to. For example, the reconciliation report records all transactions added to Preno and breaks it into payment methods.

Can I connect multiple revenue accounts to Preno?

Preno’s integration with Xero supports multiple account mappings which gives you the ability to accurately track the property’s different revenue sources, commissions and payment methods. Check out this help article for more information.

We can also connect one Xero account to multiple Preno accounts so it’s perfect for our multi-property customers.

There are three instances where invoices are created in Xero from Preno:

There are three instances where invoices are created in Xero from Preno:

1. Preno’s accounting model is cash based. When you add a deposit to a booking, it will create a prepayment in Xero. This sits in the current liabilities account (revenue not realized until services are rendered) until the booking is checked out and assigned to the final invoice. NOTE - When you add a payment to Preno it will not be pushed to Xero until the booking is checked out.

2. When you Invoice Guest or Invoice Agent it will automatically create an invoice in Xero. The balance will be $0 on the booking since Preno does not manage debtors.

3. When you check out a booking, a final invoice will be generated in Xero and the relevant deposits and payments will be allocated to it.

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