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Preno has a close knit team of professionals living all over the world. Meet the team along with Preno’s backstory.

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The Preno family


CEO & Co-Founder


CTO & Co-Founder


Chief Product Officer


Head of Growth


Senior Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer


Senior Customer Success Team Lead


Customer Success Specialist


Senior Customer Success Specialist


Campaigns Marketing Manager


Content Marketing Manager


Sales Lead - UK & EMEA


Senior Account Executive

Keegan Shore

Growth Specialist UK & EMEA

Preno's mission to help hoteliers around the globe.

Originally founded by Amelia and Max, our mission is to be at the heart of the world’s best accommodation experiences.

There’s lots to love about being an independent accommodation provider. No two days are the same. And every day’s a chance to give your guests unforgettable experiences. We designed Preno specifically for accommodation providers like you. It combines our experience of running a successful hotel business, input from other independent hoteliers, and industry-leading technology.

We used to live with the constant frustration of mountains of admin and outdated, complicated software that kept us away from delivering great experiences for our guests. We couldn’t find a hotel management system that was simple and time-saving. So we created one. Preno is designed to save you time and money so you can focus on creating exceptional experiences for your guests.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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