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Price your rooms based on real-time supply and demand. On average our customers make $835 more each month.

Average Additional
Revenue Per Hotel (AUD)
Average Additional
Revenue Per Booking (AUD)
Average Number of
Adjustments Made
*Figures reflect average results from our customers using Preno’s Dynamic Pricing tools during a 30 day period.
Dynamic Pricing

Your New Dynamic Pricing Toolkit

Our Dynamic Pricing tools maximises room rates during high demand and reduces rates for unsold rooms daily to ensure full occupancy year-round and increased RevPAR. With Preno, your pricing becomes competitive adapting seamlessly to market conditions.

Capitalise on Demand
with Surge Pricing

In a competitive industry, pricing is key. Surge Pricing will automatically adjust room rates to align with high demand, adapting to market trends and local events up to 720 days in advance. You’ll never miss a pricing opportunity again.

Responsive rates to align with high demand.

Capitalise on events in your

Adjusts daily to real-time data.

Increase Occupancy with Last Minute Pricing

An empty room is an opportunity lost. Fill every room with Preno’s Last Minute Pricing. By proactively lowering rates as the availability date nears, you’ll attract more last-minute bookings. Simply set your pricing rules, and watch the bookings flow in.

Attract last-minute bookings year-round.

Protect your profits in low periods.

Set and forget pricing rules.

Stay Ahead with
Competitor Pricing

Get ready for Preno’s Competitor Pricing – your fast track way to stay competitive. With a keen eye on market rates, you’ll soon have the power to automate your competitive based pricing, keeping your rooms filled and your business thriving. 

See real-time market insights.

Beat your competitor’s pricing.

Make data-driven revenue decisions.

Join 1000’s of Hoteliers Increasing Their Revenue

Properties of all shapes and sizes are using Preno to increase their revenue and occupancy. Here’s just a sample of what properties have achieved after 30 days of using dynamic pricing.

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Watch as industry peers share their stories of how they enhanced their efficiency and profitability all thanks to Preno’s dynamic pricing tools.

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