Hotel Management Software

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Hotel management

The best hotel management software

State-of-the-art, hotel management software that is effortless to use and simple to navigate.

  • View past, current & future bookings on Preno’s sleek & simple, colour-coded grid. 
  • Easily shuffle room types and bookings with a convenient drag & drop feature. 
  • View specific bookings in your hotel management system by filtering payment type, groups, status & more. 
  • Personalise the guest experience by creating individual, detailed guest profiles.

Hotel management

Hotel management software that connects with Xero

World-class hotel management software integration with Xero accounting software.

  • The connection between Preno & Xero automates payments & simplifies invoicing. 
  • Deposits are seamlessly mapped with Xero, providing a smart hotel management system option.
  • Preno automatically imports data from Xero, making it easy to create & email agent invoices.
Hotel management

Insightful reporting within your hotel management system

As a smart hotel management software, Preno generates real-time reports, so you can track hotel performance.

  • See how your property is performing at the click of a button (Preno automatically generates reports for you.)
  • Track past performance, set targets & make comparisons to improve your hotel.
  • Save time with a wealth of metrics provided in downloadable, simple-to-understand, graphs.
  • Optimise Preno’s hotel management software features to make focused & informed business decisions.

Hotel management software with a Channel Manager & Booking Engine bundle (& integrations)

With its very own Channel Manager (and integration with others), Preno’s hotel management system connects your hotel to online travel agents.

  • Preno offers its very own Channel Manager & Booking Engine – add this on to your hotel management software.
  • Preno also integrates with the other smart Channel Managers STAAH & SiteMinder. 
  • Expand your reach for potential guests by distributing hotel rooms across a variety of OTA’s.
  • Have continuous real-time updates of your availability with the channel manager integration.
  • Eliminate double bookings & reduce admin as your hotel management software integrates seamlessly with channel managers.
  • Remain consistently up-to-date with guest & booking details, as Preno draws data directly from OTA’s.

Hotel management
Hotel management

24/7, personal customer support

Preno is a powerful hotel management software built for hoteliers, by hoteliers. We know how busy the industry is, so we offer 24/7 customer support.

  • Responsive, personalised customer support on a 24/7 basis – our team are here to help. 
  • Unlimited access to an in-app chat – one of our personalised hotel management software features. 
  • Live training and hotel management software demo’s, to get you set up, & ensure unique property requirements are addressed.