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User-Friendly Grid

Key booking info at a glance

Have access to all of your guest bookings on one page. Easily switch between different views to see check-ins, unpaid invoices, returning guests and more. You can also look back and forward two weeks enabling you to compare and plan for various reservations.

  • User-friendly interface

  • Flexible grid views

  • View current, past & future bookings

Booking Engine

Avoid OTA fees by collecting bookings directly on your website

Preno’s Booking Engine is mobile optimised, enabling you to collect more direct bookings. Avoid the fees associated with OTAs and collect important guest details and payments all through your booking engine (direct on your website). Embed the booking button on your website to get instant bookings.

  • Avoid the 15% OTA fees

  • Mobile optimised

  • Upgrade your ‘enquire’ form

Preno Channel Manager

Connect to the 50+ most popular OTAs

Preno’s Channel Manager seamlessly syncs with the 56 most popular Online Travel Agents (OTAs) including Booking.com, Expedia, and Airbnb. Improve efficiency and maximise revenue with instant reservation and availability updates. Make changes to rates and let Preno automatically update all OTA channels instantly. With Preno’s Channel Manager, you can grow your bookings and your business.

  • Increase your revenue

  • Automatically syncs hotel rates & bookings

  • Broaden your reach (appear on more OTAs)

Guest Profiles

Personalise the guest experience

Store credit card details and preferences within Preno, by building comprehensive guest profiles. Remember preferences like favourite rooms or coffee to personalise guest experiences. Record guest payment details to make check-outs lightning fast and export this information into your custom database.

  • Securely store multiple credit cards

  • Build detailed guest profiles

  • Remember guest preferences

Training & Onboarding

Lightning-fast onboarding

We created Preno to be intuitive to use and fast to learn. Our modern interface means you can get up and running quickly and effortlessly. Our modern design workflow also means less user errors. Plus, all of our customers get free training and ongoing support for all staff members (including short term hotel minders).

  • Modern software design

  • Fast & easy to learn

  • 24/7 customer support & training

Channel Manager, Booking Engine & Integrations

Seamless integration across OTA’s

Preno has its very own Channel Manager and Booking Engine. Not only this, it syncs seamlessly with leading Channel Managers STAAH and SiteMinder. This means that you can broaden your distribution reach and ensure your property bookings are integrated across your website and all major booking platforms (including Booking.com and Expedia). Rest easy while these integrations streamline reservations and reduce the risk of double bookings.

  • Real-time booking updates

  • Broader distribution reach

  • Elimination of double bookings

#1 Xero & PMS Integration

Most advanced Xero integration

Preno has the most advanced integration with Xero accounting software, than any other PMS - providing you and your accountant with better, more granular financial reporting and analytics. Our two-way integration means reconciling and end of year reporting are powerful and effortless.

  • Connect to multiple revenue streams

  • Reconcile & match accounts quickly

  • Automated payments, deposits & invoices

24/7 Customer Support

Get help from Preno’s team anytime

Your success is our success. Our team is available to answer your queries any time of day. Reach out to our customer success team through the in-app-chat in Preno, over the phone, or via email. We also have an ever-expanding resource library of videos and help articles to further assist you with any questions you may have about how to use Preno.

  • Free unlimited customer support

  • Available 24/7

  • Free unlimited staff training

Grid Flexibility

Track special holidays & events on the grid

The flexibility of the grid view enables you to keep track of what's happening in the area by adding in unique public holidays, event dates and school breaks. This feature helps you and your team prepare for any event that might impact occupancy rates or REVPAR.

  • Add upcoming dates to dashboard

  • Prepare for special events close by

  • Know when occupancy rates might increase

Email Automation

Automated emails & personalised templates

Customise and personalise emails within Preno and schedule them to send automatically. Build generic templates to make it easy to email guests from within Preno. Or, set rules to automatically email guests based on criteria you set. You can also utilise Preno’s email feature for email marketing.

  • Personalise guest emails

  • Send automatic reminders & thank you notes

  • Optimise with email marketing

Drag & Drop

Move bookings around quickly

Easily make edits to bookings quickly on the dashboard. Effortlessly use Preno’s drag and drop feature to shift booking dates or rooms. So when a customer calls or drops in, you can instantly rearrange bookings and confirm a new reservation right away. This feature is also handy to make popular rooms available by providing guests with free room upgrades.

  • Effortless drag & drop grid

  • Rearrange bookings instantly

  • Upgrade guests & free up rooms

Hotel Metrics

Report on key hotel metrics

Preno’s comprehensive reporting allows you to gain a complete overview of business performance. It also helps you to drill down into specific details such as source, room-type, date & more. This enables you to take control of your business and make more focused and actionable decisions.

  • Occupancy & revenue reporting

  • Custom date & source breakdowns

  • Track & compare performance overtime

Organised Housekeeping

Detailed housekeeping tools

Track and update housekeeping status’ within Preno, providing staff with instant updates. Preno also enables you to set tasks and add specific guest notes to rooms – such as adding a cot, splitting beds or special requests (e.g. bottle of wine or champagne in room).

  • Real-time housekeeping status

  • Personalise the guest experience

  • Stay on top of housekeeping

Derived Rates & Availability

Dynamic rates & availability rules

Preno allows you to set rules for check-in/out dates, room rates and more. This is a powerful tool that saves time, as it allows you to dynamically adjust multiple rates at one time. This is advantageous in a competitive marketplace, as it provides you with the tools to respond quickly to events and other changes to demand. Preno also has a variety of other rate rules you can set – e.g. close to arrival (CTA) and close to departure (CTD).

  • Increase your occupancy rate

  • Update multiple rates at once

  • Less chance of human error

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More reasons to love Preno

Automatic rate changes

Set room rate rules within Preno for individual room types. Derived rates will automatically adjust rates based on rules you set.

User privileges & privacy

Set individual permissions within Preno so that each of your team only have access to the information required for their department.

Import booking history

As part of our onboarding process, we transfer 3 years worth of booking history from your old PMS. This way you get year-on-year comparisons from day 1.

Import future bookings

To get you set up, we also transfer all future bookings. This way there’s no need to look at your old system again. Everything is organised in one powerful, convenient place.

User activity history

In most parts of Preno, we record user activity so that all changes within your system are tracked. This provides you with peace of mind, so you can know who authorised which change.

Connected room settings

With connected rooms you can list a unit under two room types, and Preno will automatically close one of the units when another connected room is booked or closed. For example, connected family rooms.

World-class Xero integration

Our custom built integration between Preno and Xero is the best in the industry. No other PMS and Accounting software integration comes close. Easily invoice and process payments with this integration.


Access Preno from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Effortlessly login on your mobile, tablet or computer and keep track of your business.

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“Greatest PMS we have used”

Preno is the greatest property management software we have used. We are highly impressed by the working of Preno, and how easy it is to manage. Mostly, the team are very supportive and will be there to help us with any problems we face. One of the most important things we like about Preno is that it is very easy to use and the functions are easy to understand. We are extremely happy with the working of Preno, and have been using it for the past three months without any issues. It is a highly recommended property management software for any business who is looking for one. Thanks to all the team at Preno for their support.

"Preno has been a breeze"

What I like most about Preno: the ease of use of the system; that it does absolutely everything. Preno has been a breeze to learn for everyone in our office. The Preno team have also been very professional and are always on hand to help with any question (which aren’t many, due to their training at the beginning). The Preno system delivers on what it says, and in a format that is crisp, fresh and professional. All aspects of Preno have been delivered on, and it has been a pleasure dealing with the team, since the beginning.

"I highly recommend this product"

I love Preno. I went from a paper-based, hard-copy booking system, to Preno. It was an easy transition. It is an easy to use system and frees up my time. You could teach this system to almost any front end staff, in a minimal amount of time. The team at Preno helped me to set up and guided me whenever I didn’t understand something. I have been using the system for over 18 months, and have never looked back. The Preno team are also always on hand if I have an issue (which is rarely, as it functions as it is supposed to). They are very proactive about making changes and improvements, but not so much that there are any interruptions to the flow or usage. They are open when you have a suggestion to improve on something. I highly recommend this product and team.

“Preno is quick, responsive and intuitive”

Don’t hesitate - Preno is brilliant! We were lucky enough to begin trialling Preno late 2015, alongside our existing system. We made the full switch in March 2016 as the season started to wane. No regrets, no issues - a seamless transition. We are 100% happy with our decision. The Preno team are brilliant to work with, and are so responsive, when very rare issues arise. They always listen and try to find a solution as quickly as possible. Full integration with Xero and Staah for accounts and channel management, which has made our lives so much easier. Switching to Preno is the best decision we have made in a long time, by far. Preno is quick, responsive and intuitive - so easy to use.

See why everyone is switching
to Preno today

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