Get the bird’s eye view

See your bookings visually on the grid. Click on the booking for more actions or simply drag and drop to shuffle the bookings around.

Less clutter, more focus

Views allow you to see the different aspects of your bookings. Switch between the booking status, group bookings and payments recorded.

Preno on two devices
Simple booking management workflow

Preno’s intuitive workflow means you can quickly create a new booking, capture guest requests and other booking information quickly and easily.

Group bookings made easy

Multiple guests in multiple rooms, checking out at different times? No matter how complex, Preno’s booking workflow makes it a breeze to manage.

Build your guests’ history

Add as much information about all your guests, not just the primary guests. Use your guest history notes to deliver exceptional experiences when they return.

Close a room

Blocking off rooms will update your room availability and reflect correctly on your occupancy reports. When connected to a channel manager, closing the room will also automatically update your room availability online.

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