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Bookings Management

Simple, yet powerful booking management

Visualise your bookings

Manage all of your bookings in the one place and improve
room occupancy with a visual drop-and-drag dashboard.
Easily switch between different views including booking
status, group bookings and payments recorded.

Intuitive booking management

Quickly create new bookings, capture guest requests and
other booking information.

Group bookings made easy

Designed to cut through complexity, it’s easy to manage
multiple guests checking out at different times and other such

Capture guest information

Easily capture all of your guest information and preferences in
Preno. Use the guest history feature to create personalised
experiences when they return.

Connected rooms

Sell the same unit across multiple room types. Connected rooms are automatically blocked when a connected unit is booked or closed.

Close a room

Closing rooms will update room availability and ensure your occupancy reports are always accurate. Connected to a Channel Manager, blocking off rooms will automatically update availability across all of your online booking channels.

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