Check in

Fast check-in

First impressions count. Guest check-in is fast and easy so you can spend more time interacting with your guests.

Extra charges made simple

Adding extras such as mini bar charges, breakfast packages and valet parking is simple. Preno will even suggest your popular extras so you can add it to the booking quickly.

And then

BillToRoomAboutKounta (1)
Bill to room

Offering your guests the ‘dine first, pay later’ experience at your property doesn’t need to come with additional admin.

Send guest charges from your restaurant or bar’s POS to Preno automatically using our integration with Kounta POS. Your guests can then pay off all charges at once, when they checkout.

About Kounta POS

Kounta is an online point of sale platform for the bars, restaurant or retail store at your property. Preno integrates with Kounta to enable your guests to ‘bill to room’.

Find out more about Kounta POS.

Check out

Integrated payments

Your guest’s credit card can be added to their booking securely in Preno. You can then charge their credit card at the end of their stay directly from Preno, making the checkout process quick and delightful.

Preno integrates with Stripe and Braintree for integrated payments.

Many payment methods

Preno is flexible, and supports most payment methods such as cash, credit cards and invoices. Tracking the different payment types makes it easier to reconcile your accounts.

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