Preno & Goki Have Joined Forces To Improve Hotel Automation

We've masterminded a dynamic duo with Goki to bring you a seamless integration that transforms hotel management. Preno's alliance with Goki’s advanced smart lock technology is redefining freedom for hoteliers, empowering you to orchestrate your business with unparalleled ease.

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Simplifying Hospitality: Preno's Goki Integration

Preno's collaboration with Goki is a match made in hospitality heaven, born from a shared ambition to rejuvenate and refine the guest experience. Since 2016, Goki has been on a quest to revolutionise the outdated and cumbersome check-in process, making every stay not just a visit, but a socially engaging event. Their synergy with Preno's streamlined approach is transforming properties into smarter, guest-centric havens.


Self-Service Empowerment: With Goki, guests can bypass the traditional check-in rigmarole and dive straight into their adventure, initiating their stay with a simple tap on their phone. This isn't just check-in; it's starting a journey on your own terms.


Check-In, Checked Off: Let Goki shoulder the burden of check-ins. Your role? To curate unforgettable guest experiences that speak louder than any welcome speech.


Personalised Access: Every guest is unique, and so should be their access. Preno and Goki ensure each guest receives their individual SmartKey & PIN, adding a personal touch to security and convenience.


United Support: With Preno and Goki, you're never flying solo. Our continuous, combined support is the backbone to your property's success, ensuring a seamless operation from the first click to the final checkout.

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Hospitality, Reimagined: The Preno & Goki Integration

Go Contactless.

The Digital Gateway to Guest Satisfaction - Bid farewell to the traditional check-in queues and embrace a digital welcome mat. Preno's integration with Goki paves the way for a modern arrival experience, where guests can check in with ease before they step foot on the property or at their own convenience upon arrival. This seamless connection between Preno's PMS and Goki's cutting-edge lock technology ensures that each guest's arrival is as personalised as their stay. It's not just about making a first impression; it's about making a lasting one.

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Remove Plastic.

Your Guests’ Stay, Their Way - Imagine a world where hotel doors unlock not just with a key but with a gesture of hospitality. With Preno and Goki, that world is here. Each guest is empowered with a unique SmartKey & PIN, ensuring their access is both personal and protected. The real magic happens behind the scenes, where Preno's PMS quietly and efficiently communicates with Goki, keeping lock information synced and updated. This is where convenience meets security—guests enjoy the autonomy of their stay, and hoteliers revel in the streamlined operation.

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Run your property from anywhere.

Innovation That Opens More Than Just Doors - Unlock the potential of complete operational mobility with GokiAir. Whether you're across the hall or across town, you hold the reins to every lock. Need to run an audit or check battery statuses? A few taps, and you're there. The beauty of Goki's system lies in its simplicity—easy self-installation means you're up and running without extra help or hidden costs. This isn't just an upgrade to your locks; it's an overhaul of your entire operational workflow, designed for efficiency and a touchless experience that guests and staff alike will appreciate.

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Before you go.

Turning Farewells into Future Welcomes - As your guests prepare to depart, Preno and Goki turn check-out into an opportunity for growth. With the capability to boost direct extensions dramatically and gain actionable insights through sentiment tracking, you're not just saying goodbye; you're building a bridge to the next hello. This is how we redefine the end of a stay—not as an endpoint, but as a checkpoint for enhancing guest relations and encouraging repeat visits. It's not just check-out; it's a check-in for continuous improvement and enduring guest loyalty.

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How Preno & Goki Unlock a World of Simplicity for Your Guests

At Preno, we’re all about making hotel management as effortless as breathing – and our latest integration with Goki is the golden key. By fusing Preno’s intuitive management software with Goki’s innovative smart lock technology, we’re turning the tide on traditional check-ins and giving hoteliers the freedom to redefine their guests’ experience.

Streamlined Operations Meet Smart Access
Together, we’re on a mission: to carve out the clutter of daily tasks and pave the way for efficiency. We’re cutting the cords of repetition and liberating your team to do what they do best – crafting memorable stays for every guest. The result? A harmonious blend of productivity and hospitality that feels just right.

Welcome to the Age of Contactless Convenience
Our integration means your guests can say goodbye to the front desk and hello to instant room access, right from their smartphones. In a world where a little space goes a long way, we’re bringing peace of mind to the forefront of travel. Goki’s seamless solution is not just about keeping up; it’s about staying ahead – especially in these times.

We’re with You, Step by Step
Thinking it’s time your hotel took this step forward? We’re right here with you. The Preno posse and the Goki gang are on standby to guide you through the transition, at zero cost. We’re all about support, not surprises.

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Streamline Your Guests' Entry with Smart Technology

Managing different guest access requirements can be complex, but with Goki integration, Preno brings simplicity to your doorstep. By syncing with Goki’s sophisticated smart lock system, Preno allows you to automate and personalize guest access effortlessly, directly from the front desk. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and welcome a new era of customized convenience.


Revolutionise Your Guest's Arrival Experience

Goki's integration transforms guest check-ins, making the process contactless and more efficient than ever. Preno ensures that as soon as a room is ready, your guests are notified instantly for a smooth start to their stay. Plus, with real-time updates, room statuses are always current, reflecting any new bookings or changes promptly.


Empower Your Guests with On-Demand Room Control

Extend the comfort of your hospitality beyond the front desk. Preno’s integration with Goki not only simplifies stay extensions but also puts room access control in the palm of your guests' hands. Whether they’re settling in for a little longer or need to manage their room’s access remotely, Preno and Goki make it a breeze, right from their smartphones.

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