Preno & Goki have joined forces
to improve hotel automation &
enhance the guest experience.


How Preno integrates with Goki to create a seamless, automated experience for your guests

We have built an integration with Goki that enables Preno to communicate seamlessly with Goki’s smart lock technology to give hoteliers even more freedom when running their accomodation business.

Preno will seamlessly, and automatically push data to Goki when changes are made within the PMS, so that all Goki locks are up to date with the correct information and allocated to the correct guest and room.

This will allow your guests to access their rooms without the need for checking-in at front desk - providing peace of mind for customers that would prefer to keep human interactions to a minimum due to Covid-19. If you think this would be a great addition to your accommodation business, feel free to get in touch with us. The Preno team & Goki will work alongside you, free of charge, to get you up and running. To find out more details about the integration, check out our announcement blog article here.

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Preno is loved by 7000+ hoteliers in 25 different countries

"Preno is so easy to use. Everything seems effortless and I have cut down on so much admin time. I have the bonus of accessing Preno on my tablets & phone at anytime even when I'm away from the motel."

- Motel in Hokitika (New Zealand)