Manage your accommodation
business with Preno + Lightspeed Kounta POS

Lightspeed Kounta POS + Preno lets you focus on your guests, not your tech.

Preno + Lightspeed Kounta POS gives you quick access to your POS data.
Customise your accommodation's point of sale,
and take payment orders from anywhere.

Simplicity is an understatement

Customise your POS and keep an eye on your margins

Easy on your pockets

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Easy cost control
Take orders from anywhere
Handle POS payments quickly
Streamline your inventory
Easier decision making
One login
Get detailed reporting on your accommodation business

Preno and Lightspeed Kounta POS working together

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June 30, 2020
Over the past few months, we took a drive to Rotorua to visit Aura Accommodation. Owned and operated by Nick, Josh, and Indie the German Pointer. Aura is a recently...
June 30, 2020
Tucked away amongst some of New Zealand’s untouched landscapes and beauty of the Southern Alps, near Wanaka lies a lodge, Minaret Station. It is New...

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