RMS Hotel Software Alternative - RMS vs. Preno

While RMS and Preno are both well-known hotel property management systems, some important features vary between the two systems. While RMS is limited, Preno is comprehensive. To assist in the decision-making process, we’ve put together a comparison of the best capabilities of the two systems, with hotel software reviews and feedback from a variety of hoteliers.

When it comes to choosing the right hotel management software for your business, it is important that you choose one that encompasses all of the capabilities that your hotel needs to succeed.

See below, how Preno is a powerful RMS alternative

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“We recently switched from Seekom to Preno...we couldn’t be happier”

We recently switched from Seekom to Preno to handle our luxury lodge’s rooms, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only was the transition extremely smooth, but the level of support we have received from Preno has been exemplary!

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"LOVE IT. I went from a paper based hard copy booking system to Preno. It was an easy transition."

Ease of use. You could teach this system to almost any front end staff in a minimal amount of time...I have been using this system for over 18 months and have not looked back. The Preno Team are very proactive about making changes and improvements but not so much that there are any interruptions to the flow or usage. They are open when you have a suggestion to improve on something...I have no complaints at all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and the team.

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“Preno is very user-friendly and cloud-based so does not require backup like other systems do.”

Before Preno, we had a very old PMS system that was not suitable for current times. It could not integrate with STAAH and had to update it manually. Preno integrates with STAAH and also provides a seamless integration with an online payment gateway . This saves a lot of manual work and errors. We can directly send emails from the system and that is a plus as it saves time and follow-up.

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“I feel like a part of ‘the Preno Development Team’ - they listen to my suggestions”

I feel like a part of ‘the Preno Development Team’ - they listen to my suggestions and work with me to find solutions to my particular situation, and assist me whenever I have questions. Their communication is beyond par with any other business e-system I have used. Furthermore, the platform itself is super user-friendly, training is great, and process improvements are ongoing. I have no complaints with Preno AT ALL.

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