Opal Ridge Motel: How Dynamic Pricing Helped Secure Advanced Bookings

In the heart of Queensland, nestled in the western Whitsundays, lies the quaint mining town of Collinsville. Here, you’ll find the Opal Ridge Motel, a 4-star establishment known for its exemplary services and amenities, which caters to a variety of guests, from educators to miners. Despite only operating from Monday to Thursday, it is often fully booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and sometimes even on Mondays.

Despite their success, the motel was looking for ways to refine its pricing strategy and boost revenue. That’s when they discovered a promising new tool from Preno, their current property management software. Eileen Meyer, Director at Opal Ridge Motel, was particularly drawn to the potential this tool presented.

Why The Opal Ridge Motel Choose Preno

Why The Opal Ridge Motel Choose Preno

When running a 4-star establishment like Opal Ridge Motel, every detail matters in ensuring a remarkable guest experience. As a premier location offering a plethora of amenities – from a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre to a top-notch restaurant and bar – ensuring the smooth operation of all areas of business is central to their success. In the pursuit of service excellence and operational efficiency, they turned to Preno, a decision that proved to be transformative for their business management and revenue strategy.

“My partner was very particular when we were new to the hotel industry,” Eileen explains. “He researched all the different companies that were out there and Preno had great reviews. But it was also compatible with our POS system, which was very important. We’ve never ever looked back from using Preno.”

The Advantages Of Using Preno

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, the right tools can make all the difference. One tool that has proven to be worth it’s weight in gold for Opal Ridge Motel is Preno.

“The biggest benefit is that it’s definitely easy to use—100%. Easy to use with staff, and on every aspect actually. Whether you’re making a booking, whether we’re trying to get reports, housekeeping, the whole lot. And the connection with POS system Counter as well.”

Preno’s ease of use and compatibility with Opal Ridge Motel’s existing systems have made it an integral part of their operations. From streamlining bookings to facilitating dynamic pricing, Preno continues to drive success for this small-town motel.

After four years of successful partnership with Preno, Opal Ridge Motel decided to their latest tool – Dynamic Pricing.

Why The Opal Ridge Motel Choose Preno

The Power of Dynamic Pricing

“I mean, we tried to set up dynamic pricing with other channel managers that we have but it always was difficult. So I explored with Preno and I was like, this is easy. Bang straight in. Why hesitate? It was so simple.”

In just a week and a half of using Dynamic Pricing, it brought in an extra $315 for the Opal Ridge Motel.

Eileen was initially hesitant as she’s always kept her pricing the same for regulars who make up 50% of her weekly bookings. However, she soon realised that dynamic pricing didn’t deter guests from booking. On the contrary, it encouraged them to book earlier to secure better rates.

Eileen observed, “It also teaches your customer—you got to get in early with your bookings otherwise, you’re gonna have to pay a top rate.” This unexpected aspect of dynamic pricing not only helps the motel maximise revenue but also creates a sense of urgency among guests to book their stay in advance. This, in turn, leads to better business forecasting and ensures a steady flow of income.

“I don’t have to worry about the pricing at all. You know, it just does it all,” Eileen remarks when asked if Preno’s Dynamic Pricing has saved her time. She also believes the tool will make them much more than the initial $315. “It’s only early days. I’m sure it’s gonna actually make us a lot more than that as well.”

In a competitive and constantly evolving industry, having reliable and efficient software like Preno can make all the difference. As Eileen puts it, “Preno is definitely easy to use—100%” and has proven to be an essential tool for driving success at Opal Ridge Motel. With its compatibility with existing systems and innovative features like Dynamic Pricing, Preno continues to help businesses like Opal Ridge Motel reach their full potential.

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