Inside Look: Plateau Lodge’s Journey with Preno’s Dynamic Pricing

In the peaceful centre of National Park Village, where adventure meets calm, you’ll find Plateau Lodge. This place is a shining example of new ideas in the hospitality world. After using Preno’s Dynamic Pricing tools for 30 days, the Plateau Lodge gained an extra $960, with an average increase of $27.21 per booking. We spoke to owner Andrea Messenger to hear about her experience of adopting this new technology.

“I was actually surprised how much of an increase we were getting per booking with zero effort.”

Owned and run with love by Andrea Messenger and her family, the lodge has grown from a simple backpackers’ spot into a modern retreat with 24 rooms. It now offers everything from apartments with all you need, to comfortable lodge rooms.

The big change here isn’t just about the hard work of its owners, but also their open-minded approach to using advanced tools to make their business better. Andrea recently told us about her great experience using Preno’s dynamic pricing. 

The choice to use dynamic pricing wasn’t quick. “We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” says Andrea, pointing out that past systems were too complicated to work well for them. Preno made things better. “It just needed to be more simplified, and Preno has nailed it. Instead of us going in and having a look and then adjusting—it takes all that last minute thinking away.”

Turning dynamic pricing on was easy, “just a couple of clicks.”

Andrea was amazed by how the system increased their earnings for every booking. “I was actually surprised how much of an increase we were getting per booking with zero effort,” she recalls.

The automation really helped Andrea with her work. “I don’t have to worry about it. Don’t need to think about adjusting prices for busy weekends. I can pay more attention to running the business,” she shares, grateful for how the system automatically changes prices for busy times and even predicts when she’ll get more bookings.

The introduction of dynamic pricing marked a significant shift in how Plateau Lodge approached its business strategy. The automated system doesn’t just adjust prices; it allows Andrea and her team to allocate their focus where it’s needed most.

“Preno is looking at it further along the track than probably where I would be looking,” Andrea affirms, highlighting the system’s ability to plan for the long-term.

For Andrea, the benefits of dynamic pricing boil down to a simple truth, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

If you’d like to try Preno’s Dynamic Pricing and see how it can work for your business, sign up for Preno’s 7-day free trial.


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