Transforming Pricing Strategy with Preno at ASURE Surrey Court Motel

Nestled just minutes away from the heart of Invercargill, the ASURE Surrey Court Motel offers an inviting stay with its spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartment-like rooms. Owned by Lee Greig, the motel prides itself on its close proximity to major attractions like Invercargill Airport, Stadium Southland, the Velodrome, and Motorbike Mecca, among others. Despite its prime location and amenities, Lee faced significant challenges with pricing strategies, initially unsure of how to set competitive yet profitable room rates.

“We looked at what other motels were doing and tried to match their prices,” Lee recalls. “We weren’t very good at knowing what pricing was about.”

The turning point for ASURE Surrey Court Motel came with the introduction of Preno, which offers dynamic pricing alongside property management software. This innovative solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems such as Siteminder, changing the motel’s approach to pricing.

“Our biggest hurdle was realising we needed to charge more and be more cost-focused,” Lee explains. “We had heard about surge pricing and dynamic pricing but hadn’t implemented it until we got Preno and saw it was included.”

Using Preno’s dynamic pricing showed quick, clear results. In just 30 days, the motel earned an extra $730.65.

Lee found Preno’s dynamic pricing feature remarkably user-friendly. “There was a video tutorial, but I just gave it a go, and it took me about 10 minutes to set up the first time,” she shares.

Using Preno changed how pricing was done, switching from traditional methods to a market-driven approach. Preno’s dynamic pricing let the motel adjust room rates based on demand and competition, giving them more confidence in their pricing.

“During further training, Preno encouraged me to increase our prices, and that’s what I’ve done. It’s about being brave and confident,” Lee says. This courage to adjust prices according to market demand has been pivotal, enabling ASURE Surrey Court Motel to become more competitive without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

ASURE Surrey Court Motel

“This was a significant boost,” Lee notes. “Our concern was that surge pricing might lead to bad reviews if our product didn’t meet guest expectations, especially since our motel is a bit dated and not in the CBD. However, it hasn’t affected our review scores, so we’re pleased with the outcome.”

Looking ahead, Lee plans to add more of Preno’s features into the motel’s long-term strategy. The success so far has shown the value of dynamic pricing, and Lee is hopeful about using Preno to boost growth and efficiency.

“We’ve only been doing it for a couple of months, but it has made a huge difference,” Lee emphasises. “The revenue we’ve brought in has increased enough to cover the costs of Preno and Siteminder, so we must be doing something right.”

Switching to dynamic pricing with Preno has changed ASURE Surrey Court Motel’s pricing strategy, leading to big revenue gains and better operations. This shows how important dynamic pricing is in the hospitality industry and makes a strong case for other businesses to use similar strategies.

For hotels looking to enhance their pricing approach and boost profitability, the journey of ASURE Surrey Court Motel serves as an encouraging testament to the power of Preno. As Lee’s experience shows, being brave enough to embrace change can lead to remarkable outcomes.

“Dynamic pricing has been a game-changer for us,” Lee concludes. “I encourage other hospitality businesses to explore Preno and see the difference it can make.”

The hospitality industry is always changing. With the right tools and strategies, businesses can succeed even with competition. ASURE Surrey Court Motel shows that using modern technologies like Preno can help growth, adaptability, and success in this dynamic field.


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