Insightful direction at the heart of Switch Hotel Solutions

We interviewed our partner Chris from Switch Hotel Solutions, and were inspired by the support and direction he provides his clients on a daily basis.

Located in the Gold Coast of Australia, Switch Hotel Solutions is centered around hospitality

Founded by Chris, Switch Hotel Solutions was created to provide business support and guidance for independent accommodation owners. From operations, to sales and marketing to revenue management and insightful reporting – Chris and his team bridge a strategy gap for independent hoteliers who don’t have the time or resources to market their business. “I founded Switch Hotel Solutions to fill a gap and create intelligent solutions for independent accommodation owners. There are many consultants out there, but not many who provide support in the form of a partnership, or at an affordable price for that matter.”

– Chris de Closey, Director of Switch Hotel Solutions


Heartwarming, personal relationships since foundation

Since the beginning, Chris has taken a unique ‘partnership’ approach to hotel consultancy. Before founding Switch, he saw the need for support and problem-solving in the accommodation sector. But more than this, he saw the need for partnerships.

It’s less about providing a solution service, and more about forming a solution partnership

“We work in partnership with hotels – working with our clients to create unique strategies that fit their business. We sit down with our clients and spend quality time learning their goals and aligning our strategies with these.”

– Chris de Closey, Director

Working in partnership with his clients, Chris and his team help hoteliers by reporting on their progress and creating new and unique strategies and solutions.  

In partnership with Preno since day one

When Chris came across Preno, the partnership was instantaneous. With a mutual mission to simplify daily operations and business growth for hoteliers, the opportunity to partner up was a given. “I signed up a client at the very beginning, and came across Preno this way. I’ve been in the hospitality industry a long time and have seen many property management systems that are clunky and confusing. When I saw Preno I realised how simple it was, and I was instantly a Preno convert – I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Currently, at least half of my client base are using Preno, and as this increases, I will always recommend Preno as one of my property management systems of choice.”

– Chris de Closey, Director


Working in synergy: hotel solutions starts with reporting

For any business, one of the most important parts of growth is consistent understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. A key player of Chris’ approach to hotel consulting is drawing data from monthly reports, in order to instigate effective change for his clients – and we’re honoured to be a part of this process. “Every month we provide full reports to our clients, and Preno makes this process so much simpler. With cloud-based access, we download our clients reports, and generate strategies based on their progress. Everything we need to do this is provided in Preno.”

– Chris de Closey, Director


Striving for greatness with honest, personalised solutions

Something Switch Hotel Solutions and Preno naturally agree on, is the busyness of hotel owners lives. Independent hoteliers are on the frontline; they have front and back office to organise, and now they also have a global pandemic to consider. For Chris, the opportunity to provide insightful direction and support during and beyond times of change by offering personalised solutions is heartwarming. “Our main goal is to help support hotels, and provide them with an honest partnership that they can rely on. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of their business – we are here every step of the way to help them achieve their goals, and continuously strive for greatness.”

– Chris de Closey, Director


Shifting focus during uncertain times of covid-19

“Covid-19 has changed revenue streams for us and our clients alike. It is our mission to help protect the safety of their business and ensure steady income continues to flow through. We have helped our clients re-price and re-strategise; shifting focus and aligning with industry change.”

– Chris de Closey, Director

Now, more than ever, hoteliers need support and refuge. International tourism has halted, borders are closed off and many are anxious to travel. Shifting business strategies to new and unique domestic markets is imperative, and the team at Switch are over the moon to relieve some of this stress for their clients.  

Optimism for the future of the hotel industry

Hoteliers are impressively resilient, so both Switch Hotel Solutions, and Preno alike, have faith that our clients will get through these unsteady times. “When you take international travellers out of the picture, it makes it more difficult for hoteliers. They now have to focus solely on domestic travel, which means that everyone is fighting over a much smaller market than they are used to. But I have confidence and optimism for the future – I believe travel will pick up faster than expected, especially for New Zealand and Australia.”

– Chris de Closey, Director

  During times of change, hoteliers are searching for new and unique strategies to benchmark their business. Switch Hotel Solutions helps hoteliers shift market focus for the better. Contact Switch Hotel Solutions for a free 1 hour strategy session to see how they can help your hotel business.  


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