How Dynamic Pricing Increased ASURE Cooks Gardens Motor Lodge Revenue By $3.9k

In the heart of Whanganui, New Zealand, Susan Bukholt manages the ASURE Cooks Gardens Motor Lodge, a premier accommodation choice nestled amidst meticulously maintained gardens. This lodge caters to a diverse clientele, including tourists, business travellers, and sports enthusiasts. 

Recently, Susan decided to change things up in her business by using Preno’s Dynamic Pricing system. This change made her pricing tasks much simpler and gave her better control over her business, which led to some pretty impressive results, including an increase of $3,925 in revenue in the first 30 days.

“I just opened it up now, and it says $3,925. I’m like, oh wow, that’s pretty cool. People are paying the higher prices.”

Running a successful motel is no small feat, and one of the most daunting tasks for Susan was managing room pricing. Adjusting prices manually was time-consuming and emotionally taxing. “I always go, oh my god, they can’t pay more than that,” Susan admitted. Her reluctance to raise prices often stemmed from a fear of losing customers, and the process of manual adjustments was both labor-intensive and inefficient.

Susan used to use a different service to handle her dynamic pricing, which meant she wasn’t in full control. But once she switched to Preno, she discovered the power of managing those adjustments on her own.


“In comparison with, this is better because I’ve got more control.” 

“You know, I’m in control of it. So whilst I’ve got that there, I can focus on my own business and so that’s where I found it really good.” She also discovered a financial advantage, noting, “cost-wise, it’s cheaper because I think I was paying about $500 a month for the dynamic pricing tool I previously used.” Preno’s dynamic pricing is included in the growth pilot plan, which also includes every tool you’d need to run your accommodation business.

Susan started using Preno’s Dynamic Pricing feeling curious but a bit unsure because she wasn’t very “tech savvy.” However, she found setting it up really simple. “All I did was I just, because you’d gone, if there were four rooms or fewer, then increase it by $5. I think I just did exactly what Preno suggested in there,” Susan remembered. The easy instructions from the system helped her try out dynamic pricing without worry.

One of the most significant changes Susan experienced was the shift in her mindset regarding pricing. Preno’s system took over the on-going task of pricing adjustments, allowing her to focus on running her business without the emotional burden of setting prices. “When they’ve actually booked and they’re new and they’re happy to pay it, I just didn’t think about it so much this time around,” she noted, reflecting on the newfound ease Preno brought to her operations.

The implementation of Preno’s Dynamic Pricing brought immediate and noticeable improvements to Cooks Gardens Motor Lodge. Automation played a crucial role in freeing up Susan’s time, enabling her to concentrate on other essential aspects of her business. “I find it quite gutsy but it’s taken the pressure off me and it’s just doing it itself. It just did it for me and the cost’s no extra. So it’s just… simple,” Susan remarked.

If you’d like to try Preno’s Dynamic Pricing and see how it can work for your business, sign up for Preno’s 7-day free trial.


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