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“Love my virtual book”

“I have been using Preno for about 4 years. It totally changed my access, as I had used a hard copy book on my desk in the past. Preno is on all my devices (phone, tablet, computer), so it is very convenient for me to run my business while away from the office. I can manage bookings and make changes anywhere. There is no more “can you just let me call you back when I get into the office please” - now, I can give my guests an immediate response. The team is fantastic, even though they are based in New Zealand and I am in Australia, they are always accessible and quick to respond to the very few queries I have. The team has grown since the beginning of my first usage, so the expertise of the team is also growing. In the beginning I had so many questions, but the system runs so well, now I don’t really need all that much in the way of communication anymore.”

“Preno is a delight to work with”

“I have switched from another PMS, and the transition has been very smooth, with little or no hiccups. The communications from the various departments has been excellent, with all bases being covered. The follow up to ensure that we are on track and the positive feedback from them is fantastic. The detail that my staff and I have been able to extract over from our previous PMS has been amazing and truly worth the switch. Integration with our POS has also been smooth and easy. In all, I can see this system being nothing but an asset and will assist in making the work of my staff and myself together with it, also making it fluent for our customers.”

“Preno is so easy to use”

“I love the integrations with Xero and the channel managers. Everything seems effortless, and I have cut down on so much admin time. Preno also has a great support network, with videos, instant chat and phone calls. I also have the bonus of accessing Preno on my tablet and phone at any time, even when I am away from the motel. I have the ability to customise receipts and registration forms at any time, and the grid is nice and easy to use, with a drag and drop feature that is very handy. End of day reports are also very clear and easy to understand. The change was well worth it, and it all comes at a reasonable price too.”

“A moteliers dream come true”

“Preno is a very easy-to-use system. We inherited a really outdated pMS when we took over our property 9 years ago, and having become familiar with it, we were reluctant to change to another brand. We finally made the move about 2 years ago, and haven’t stopped kicking ourselves for taking so long to switch. Preno is thoughtfully laid out and covers all areas that a motel needs. The best part is that they are continuously upgrading and/or adding new features. They are easy to communicate with - a moteliers dream come true.”

“Great software design”

“Preno has excellent support. We are not worried of any unresolved issues or technical problems. The support is there every time we need help - and the software is very easy to use. All departments are able to grasp using Preno quickly, and the software links to Xero accounting software, which helps keep bookkeeping neat and up to date. It also integrates with channel managers. This improves efficiency significantly - it reduces data entry error, and data is pushed real time from channel managers. Preno also generates reports which help us prepare our tax reporting faster and easier. Reports are downloadable in CSV format. Housekeeping functions also greatly helps with housekeeping management. Preno has a great software design - very clean and easy to use.”

“I have no complaints with Preno at all”

“I feel like a part of ‘the Preno Development Team’; they listen to my suggestions and work with me to find solutions to my particular situation, and assist me whenever I have questions. Their communication is beyond par with any other business e-system I have used. Furthermore, the platform itself is super user-friendly, training is great, and process improvements are ongoing. I have no complaints with Preno AT ALL.”

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