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Front Desk


Faster check-ins and simplified billing management with our clean front desk interface.

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Bill to Room

Easily include restaurant/bar charges with our Kounta POS integration.

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Integrated Payments

Store and directly charge guest credit cards with Preno’s secure integrated payments.

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Booking Management

Manage bookings and improve occupancy rates with a drop-and-drag dashboard.

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Guest Profiles

Record guest information and preferences in Preno so you can create personalised customer experiences.

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Auto Emails

Send out customised emails from Preno and update your customers with vital information.

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Back Office

Channel Manager Integration

Integrate with leading channel managers for managing online bookings and powerful real-time updates.

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Insightful Reporting

Visual reports and simple dashboards make it easy to analyse performance across the business.

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Rates Management

Manage all of your room rates in Preno and sync with your channel manager to maximise revenue opportunities.

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Xero Integration

Connect your front desk with back office accounting and simplify billing and payment management.

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Agent Commissions

Agent commissions are automatically calculated for you using different rates and commission types.

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Schedule maintenance and room cleans with a simple housekeeping report.

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Support & Customer Success

Knowledge Base

Keep up-to-date with the latest information with helpful articles and FAQ resources.

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Support Network

Get friendly support when and where you need it with 24/7 in-app chat, phone and email support.

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Import your Existing Data

Import your existing PMS data into Preno or get us to do it.

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And More Benefits

Access from Anywhere

Access Preno from anywhere knowing that both your security and privacy is protected.

Product Updates

Get the latest features and updates without having to worry about clunky and outdated software.

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