A day in the life of the Preno development team

Delivering & exceeding software development expectations

For the Preno development team, their daily objective is to provide a software that is not only seamless and simple for hoteliers, but leading in the industry.

They dedicate their time to learning the latest technology trends, listening to the customer voice, and implementing new and improved features.

Whether the team are fixing bugs, or creating brand new features, every task they complete is to better serve our customers.


“It is our mission to build the best PMS in the world”

Words from the development team: “bringing our technology up to a greater level for the hospitality industry”

“At Preno, everyone on the team is close to the customer and their issues. I enjoy working for Preno because we get to provide tools to help small hotels work with higher efficiency. It is our mission to build the best PMS in the world.”

– Max, CTO / Co-Founder

“At Preno, we get thousands of product requests – we implement the most beneficial and highest impact updates to Preno. We sit across the customer team as our source, and stay very in tune with our customers, ensuring what we build is impactful.”

– Kevin, Chief Product Officer

“As a team, our goal is to create new, useful features, as well as fix current ones. We shape Preno’s features to our customers; making the lives of hoteliers easier, and bringing our technology up to a greater level for the hospitality industry.”

– Vu, Senior Full-Stack Developer

“What makes Preno different, is how much we care about the quality of our product and the features that we make. We dedicate a lot of time to user experience. It’s not about offering a good product, it’s about offering the best product – quality, usability and innovation.”

– Jimmy, Full-Stack Developer


Quality, usability & innovation: the 3 pillars

Continuously learning & implementing new software solutions

Our development team follows a leading approach, whereby they are forever learning and staying on top of tech trends and advancements.

Because Preno is an advanced, cloud-based software, built for purpose, the development team are continuously striving to stay ahead of the property management software game.

They keep track of new features that emerge in the market and take on board hoteliers’ daily struggles, following a “quality, usability and innovation” ethos.


The driving force: power for small businesses

Over the years Preno has evolved: it has “a lot more functionality, features, and an improved user interface”

“Building & developing upon Preno is great, because it enables me to optimise technologies and keep up with modern tech solutions. Working for Preno also allows me to experiment a lot of things. The software today still has the original backbones, but it has come a long way, with a lot more functionality, features, and an improved user interface.”

– Max, CTO / Co-Founder

“Seeing the power that larger businesses have, if small businesses could have the same power – this is my driving force for Preno. I really like the idea of giving big player power to small players – providing them with powerful resources to strengthen their business, without needing to spend a lot of money.”

– Kevin, Chief Product Officer

“Because we work in tech, we constantly progress our knowledge to stay up to date with new advancements in the industry. We subscribe to tech journals and ensure we are always ahead of new trends. This helps us to focus on what we’re trying to achieve: to bring technology in the hospitality industry up another level.”

– Vu, Senior Full-Stack Developer

“At Preno, we care a lot about user experience and genuinely helping our customers. We also focus on innovation, ensuring we offer new features – we don’t stick with traditional software solutions like other companies. If there is a pain point for our customers, we dedicate our time to figuring out the best way to solve it.”

– Jimmy, Full-Stack Developer



Hospitality at the heart of software development

Helping hoteliers run their business with smart, efficient software

One of the many benefits of being a part of the hospitality industry is the ability to make a difference in hoteliers’ lives, just as they do for their guests.

For our development team, being able to take part in this, is a shared passion of theirs – particularly since they are so close to the customer.

Our development team loves being able to see the Preno software in use, and hearing feedback from our customers (both positive and constructive).


Making a difference to hoteliers on the front line

Implementing change: “The work we do at Preno has the potential to make positive impacts on our customer’s lives”

“Working in Preno, we get to see the final result of our development. There is a lot of satisfaction in receiving great customer feedback, and seeing the software in use by our customers. It is so nice to see our work make a change and see users benefiting from the features we implement.”

– Max, CTO / Co-Founder

“At Preno, we are all customer focused, and genuinely want to make a difference in the accommodation industry. The work that we do at Preno has the potential to make positive impacts on our customers’ lives. Preno is the heart of their business, so it excites me every day to have the opportunity to implement positive change for them.”

– Kevin, Chief Product Officer

“One of our main goals is to ensure that our customers can operate Preno seamlessly on a 24/7 hour basis. Resolving customer queries is our top priority, in addition to ensuring the resilience of our system. Essentially, anything that might affect our customers, we work on to ensure that it is recovered as soon as possible.”

– Vu, Senior Full-Stack Developer

“When implementing refinements, we always consider the user experience of our customers, and I think this shows a lot about our approach. When new features are released to our customers, we also take care of any problems or queries that may occur.”

– Jimmy, Full-Stack Developer


“At Preno, we’re encouraged to think outside the box”

Preno: a place where ideas are not only heard, but put into action

From both an internal team and external customer standpoint, here at Preno, we are open to new ideas. When it comes to software development, innovation is key.

Our software team will forever continue to advance our software, for the purpose of simplifying daily operations for hoteliers.

And they do so, not only with knowledge and expertise, but with an open mind – at Preno, every idea counts.


Software solutions that are all-encompassing

Final words from our software developers: “we progress as a team”

“I love working with the team at Preno. Everyone is highly motivated and always has excellent ideas on how to improve our product and technology. But most importantly, we are continuously improving how we work together.“

– Max, CTO / Co-Founder

“I like that I’m working with a group of super passionate people – we each like what we do, and are always looking at where we can add value. We understand our customers’ problems deeply.”

– Kevin, Chief Product Officer

“I am always impressed by the team spirit at Preno. We are all free to speak up, share our ideas and work together as a team – we have a very flat hierarchy. We progress as a team, and we’re encouraged to think outside of the box. There is no such thing as a stupid question at Preno.”

– Vu, Senior Full-Stack Developer

“I like my profession because I get to create things that people can use. I also like how I have the freedom to put my ideas forward, and turn these ideas into reality. I also love the Preno team, there is diversity, and we work well together.“

– Jimmy, Full-Stack Developer


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