Preno with Xero – Accounting software for accommodation providers

Efficiency is everything when it comes to running an accommodation business – especially managing your accounts. The less double handling you have to do, the better!  This is why, Preno’s Property Management System has the most comprehensive integration with world-leading cloud accounting software, Xero.

For hoteliers and accommodation providers, you’d rather spend less time sorting out your accounts, and more time with your guests. We are here to help you deal with that mountain of receipts and to ensure your billing and invoicing are automated with Xero. 

Xero makes the accounting process more streamlined. It allows you to create invoices, accept payments from online payment services, manage payments, manage payroll, and creates interactive reports.

Why we love them: Xero is easy to use, accurate, and provides a simple invoicing process for hoteliers and providers! It also saves you time. Some of our properties have saved hours each day by using Xero! Read more about how one of our customers, Christina from Onetangi Beach Apartments uses Preno with Xero here or watch the video below.

With Preno we make it easy for you to integrate your billing, invoicing, and channel manager, Staah with your PMS (Preno also integrates with channel manager SiteMinder, and has it’s very own channel manager as an add on to its PMS). With seamless integration, you have all your hotel invoicing integrated into one platform. You can now make more accurate data-driven decisions from anywhere with any device. Using Preno with Xero makes managing and tracking individual or group invoices a breeze. Work with smart tools like Xero to cover the basics of your accounting needs all in one place.


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Running an accommodation business is demanding. Whether it is a hotel, motel, or lodge, using a simple, yet powerful PMS like Preno with Xero can save you time, money and reduce errors. Some of the benefits of using Xero are:

  • Create customised recurring online invoices for regular suppliers.
  • Real-time data when you connect Xero with Preno
  • Easily track inventory and stock.
  • Pay your staff quickly with simple online payroll software

At Preno we are constantly working to improve how we work with Xero. We’re excited to announce you can now have more custom mappings from Preno to your chart of accounts in Xero. 

This updated integration gives you more control over your mappings, especially if you require more than one account for revenue, expenses, and bank accounts.   

This update allows you to:

  • Specify a revenue account per room type or an extra
  • Specify a separate commission account per agent
  • Specify a different bank account per a payment method – and have multiple bank accounts linked to Preno
  • Manage your cashflow and EFTPOS separately

To update your Xero settings in Preno, go to the ‘Settings’ tab, then hit ‘Integrations’ and ‘Xero’. You’ll find more information in this helpdesk article about connecting multiple accounts.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting software designed for small businesses. Because it’s online, you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection (just like your Preno account). Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorised, giving you a real-time picture of your finances. Xero allows you to manage your invoices, pay bills, manage tax returns, and view insightful reports related to your business finances.

The Preno-Xero integration

When Xero is integrated with Preno, it creates a seamless online accounting solution for hoteliers. The Preno-Xero integration connects your front office admin with your back office accounting. This integration creates a seamless flow from Preno about your guest’s stay, to Xero, making it easy to produce invoices and reconcile your bank statements. Billing and agent commission can also be managed with ease.

Find out more about the benefits of a Preno-Xero integration for accommodation providers here.

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Amri is Preno's head of marketing and enjoys being part of the hospitality ecosystem. She is passionate about helping accommodation businesses to transform their marketing, by exploring their core strengths and sharing their successes.

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