Preno Automates NZ Government Reporting for Hotels: Accommodation Data Programme Integration

Automatically syncing accommodation performance data through a seamless integration with ADP (official Government data programme), to help hoteliers create exceptional guest experiences.

We recently paired up with New Zealand’s official Accommodation Data Programme (ADP), to help sync accommodation performance data. With recent ups and downs in accommodation occupancy and other key metrics due to Covid-19, now, more than ever, tracking performance is an invaluable tool for hoteliers. 

Following the implementation of this integration, we interviewed our partner Andrea Carboni at Fresh Information Ltd, to shine a light on the work they’re doing to collect and analyse data from accommodation providers – and how Preno’s powerful automation takes the hard work out of submitting that data for hoteliers.


The ADP is a new ‘by industry, for industry’ research programme designed to meet the needs of accommodation providers and industry representatives in New Zealand.

ADP was launched in mid-2020 to fill a gap in the New Zealand statistics market.

For many years, Stats NZ had overseen the collection of research data, but the process required a lot of admin-heavy work for accommodation providers, many of whom were already bogged down by paperwork, and were therefore, strapped for time.

The ADP collects data from accommodation providers each month, collates it and then publishes reports, so that hoteliers can benchmark the performance of their properties, in comparison to the industry average of their region. Statistics are provided for hotels, motels, services apartments, holiday parks, hostels, lodges and other boutique accommodation providers. 


Joining forces to help hoteliers grow their businesses

ADP integration with Preno – how it works

In four simple steps, accommodation owners can seamlessly integrate ADP with Preno’s hotel management software. This means, instead of accommodation operators manually submitting hotel data every month for analysis, Preno does it for them – the power of Preno’s automation.

Each month, Preno will automatically send four sets of data to ADP: stay-unit nights available, stay-unit nights occupied, guest nights – domestic, international and total, and guest arrivals.

Then, hoteliers receive a report each month with new insights, which they can then use to benchmark performance, and improve guest experiences. 

“We know that accommodation providers are bombarded with admin, paperwork and compliance. So, we wanted to make sure it was really easy, and the integration with Preno does that for us.

“The key benefit is that a property can participate without any hassle,” Andrea says.


(Please note that in order to automatically import your accommodation performance data to ADP, via Preno, you must first sign up to ADP. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and the programme is free. Sign up here.)


Secure and confidential storage of data

Through the integration, there’s a guarantee that the transmission of accommodation data is safe, with minimal risk of it being leaked or corrupted.


Increased opportunities for growth, and invaluable hotel industry insights


It’s been a tough year for accommodation providers, and right now, the focus of all accommodation operators is getting as many guests through the door as possible. Hoteliers are shifting their target market focuses, creating innovative loyalty schemes, and more. 

In an industry that is facing unprecedented change due to Covid-19, the more data they have to report on, and compare and contrast, the more valuable insights they’ll have to make positive change.

It’s for that reason that Andrea encourages every accommodation provider to sign up to ADP (it’s free), because good quality data “will show us exactly what the initial impact of the global pandemic and border closures was on the accommodation industry – and how the sector is tracking now.” 

Andrea adds that the accommodation industry is stronger and better when it works together, and because ADP is voluntary, it relies on high participation rates. 


Preno’s powerful, intuitive software design automates and simplifies management processes, so that hoteliers can focus on what really matters – providing an outstanding guest experience. 

The ADP integration with Preno is a safe and seamless way for hoteliers to contribute meaningful data. Those insights can then be used to further improve accommodation business processes, and will lead to better advocacy and representation for the accommodation sector.  


Access free industry insights that will help you grow your business and create better guest experiences by joining ADP for free today.


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