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5 ways to enhance your customer experience

The ecosystem for the management of short term accommodation is becoming increasingly complex. Hoteliers often find themselves faced with an endless to-do list. Beyond your role as manager, you’re likely required to also wear the hat of administrator, accountant, problem-solver, salesperson, marketer, planner, and even tech-troubleshooter.

Let’s not forget we’re also operating in a world where consumers demand ease, unique stays and instant access to information. There has never been a greater expectation on hoteliers to deliver simple, streamlined experiences at each and every touchpoint with their guests.

So how can you ensure that you can consistently provide exceptional service – while keeping all those hats in balance?

Here are the 5 ways to streamline your service, while still keeping customer experience at the core:

Quick accommodation

In both our online and offline worlds, we’re constantly confronted with information that we must filter and retain. Your guests only want to receive information that is essential and relevant to their booking. Keep in mind that emails are now opened more frequently on mobile, rather than desktop. This means that succinct, straightforward communication is best for conveying important information. Additional information, such as terms and conditions, hotel rules and travel tips, are best delivered as hyperlinks to your website.

Keep pricing simple

Complex hotel room pricing is difficult for guests to navigate, yet still frustratingly common. If you have seasonal pricing variations, ensure it is as easy as possible for guests to understand when making a booking. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: booking a hotel room should be no more complex than ordering shoes online or a meal to your door.

Make check-in easy

Have you ever counted your check-in steps? Guests want and expect an efficient check-in process; if it’s too long, it’s likely there is unnecessary work for both you and your guest. Try running through a mock check-in as if you are a guest yourself. Understand what works well and what doesn’t – then streamline accordingly.

Keep your guests connected

Consumers’ expectations have changed. People expect to be able to login to Wi-Fi the second they reach their room. Complex sign-up or payment processes to get online frustrate everyone. To remain competitive, give your guests free, unlimited Wi-Fi and, if necessary, recoup costs in the price of the room. Remember, happy customers, allow your staff to spend less time answering questions and more time on the task at hand.

Find a smart and scalable solution

A good customer experience begins and ends with smart systems. Choose a simple, efficient, and intuitive system that provides your entire team with all the necessary information in one place. An intelligent system enables you to answer questions and solve problems quickly, keeping you responsive to customer concerns before frustration sets in.

An operating system like Preno, integrates with multiple platforms to simplify and automate your daily tasks, ultimately leaving you more time to focus on delivering great customer experiences for your guests.

If you’d like more information, or it sees Preno in action, get in touch. It’s built for hoteliers, by hoteliers to help you deliver exceptional customer experience, every time.

About the author

Amelia is Preno’s CEO and Co-Founder. As a former hotelier, she enjoys writing about the latest hotel industry news and trends.