A day in the life of the Preno customer success team

Support under the spotlight: how our team dedicates their time to customer success

Customer service is all about providing the best support and guidance possible. And for our customer team, it’s about exceeding support expectations, all the while instigating success.

Because we’re a hotel management software provider, our customers (hoteliers) dedicate their time to supporting their guests, so our customer success team dedicates their time to supporting them.

“As hoteliers, our customers are very busy – especially during check-in and out times – so we dedicate our time to troubleshooting their queries and providing personalised, responsive solutions. We always make them feel supported.”

– Jess, Senior Customer Success Manager

“We check and respond to our customer in-app chat everyday. We’re quick on the draw – we see a question and answer it. We also spend time creating help articles and training videos to provide additional support.”

– Jenish, Customer Success Specialist

“Customer success, at Preno, is all about the customer journey. We’re here to help them from day 1, and then any time onwards. Because our support is ongoing, we get to know our customers’ properties, and what it’s like to run their businesses.”

– Kamy, Customer Success Specialist



Personal problem-solving & customer empowerment

For the Preno customer success team, it goes so much further than just ‘service’

Our team spend their days supporting and training customers. Helping new customers with their transition to Preno, our customer team conducts detailed onboarding processes; shifting hoteliers over from their old system, and training them on how to navigate Preno and our various integrations.

“One of the things I love most about my role is onboarding people and bringing them over from difficult, clunky systems. I get to show them the simplicity of Preno, and how easy it is to use.”

– Jess, Senior Customer Success Manager

“Preno is a very intuitive software. Most of our customers find the training process simple, as there’s no complexity to the software. Preno is made simple for hoteliers, so they can save time and cherish the important things in life.”

– Jenish, Customer Success Specialist

“At Preno, our role embodies all aspects of customer service (and more) – onboarding, success and ongoing support. Our role is about problem-solving – we are here to understand and support our customers.”

– Kamy, Customer Success Specialist


Empowering customers with a content library of valuable resources

As part of their day-to-day, our customer team spend time building a library of valuable help resources. From help articles to training videos – the team create detailed resources that walk customers through the Preno software.

“Our mission is to empower our customers to use Preno. We provide support and valuable resources so they know that they are in control of their system and know how to do what they need. We also ensure they know that we’re always here for them.”

– Jess, Senior Customer Success Manager

“We take a personal, proactive approach to customer support – we’re always ready to respond to queries and believe that there is no wrong question. We also provide a help centre and resourceful platform to empower customers with Preno.”

– Jenish, Customer Success Specialist

“Our goal is to help our customers be as self-sufficient as possible. We empower customers with the intuitiveness of Preno. At the same time as this, we are empathetic and understanding – we are here to help our customers learn the product, so we look at it from their perspective.”

– Kamy, Customer Success Specialist



Strengthening hoteliers during times of change

The hotel industry is subject to change at any point in time, and if anything has taught us that it’s coronavirus.

The opportunity to provide covid-19 support, both in terms of cost and personal encouragement has been an honour for our customer and wider teams.

“During covid-19, a time of uncertainty and fear, tourism was hit the hardest. People’s livelihoods were at stake, and speaking to our customers on a daily basis showed me how they are such a resilient and empathetic group of people. It was great to be able to support them and help them where possible during this time. It made me proud to be part of Preno.”

– Jess, Senior Customer Success Manager

“Having a customer focused position is very rewarding, especially during particularly difficult times like covid-19. We do anything we can to help our customers, and just as we are understanding towards them, they are to us, which reflects the empathetic nature of hoteliers.”

– Jenish, Customer Success Specialist


Support & understanding at the heart of Preno

Our customer success team take a world-class approach to online customer support – responding to customers with rapid response times and personalised solutions. At Preno, our customer team goes above and beyond.

And the level of support that our team provides Preno customers, reflects organisational values in that this level of support is prominent both from external and internal perspectives.

The Preno team is a supportive family

“I love every minute of working for Preno. It doesn’t feel like work to me. We’re contributing to building Preno and everyone gets stuck in together. At Preno we always feel supported. We laugh everyday in the office and there is no hierarchy – everyone helps each other out.”

– Jess, Senior Customer Success Manager

“At Preno, our opinions and ideas hold weight – we are a very grounded, tight knit team, and we’re all on the same level. We have a very family atmosphere – we’re not just colleagues, we’re friends. I love the people, the fun and the banter.”

– Jenish, Customer Success Specialist

“Working at Preno feels like a family. The culture is great, and the team all look after each other, which is really nice. I enjoy coming in every day – it doesn’t feel like work when you’re in a fun environment. I always feel supported and I always know I can ask for help if I need it.”

– Kamy, Customer Success Specialist


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