A day in the life of the Preno sales team

Shining a light on our sales team, & their day-to-day working at Preno

For many industries, working in sales can be rather cut-throat, but for the accommodation industry, it’s all about building relationships.  For 2020 in particular, it has been about helping hoteliers adapt to change and supporting them during a global pandemic.

Here at Preno, our sales team spend their days speaking with and building valuable relationships with hoteliers across the globe.

From small motel owners, to high-end luxury lodge owners – the heart and soul that goes into the accommodation industry means that for our sales team, the conversations had, are of great pride and integrity.

More than a 9-5, working for Preno is a second family

With an open, shared space and unlimited espresso coffee, the Preno workspace is relaxed and enjoyable.

At Preno, we’re all about team inclusion and support – we each have our specialist teams, but are a part of a wider team, where each department works closely together.

One team, one dream: words from the sales team

“Preno is a great place to work. Everyone is focused on their jobs that need to be done, but they’re also like-minded and make time to have fun. We each know what we need to do, and it’s up to us to generate results – and we make this work, which is a great bonus.”

– Steve, Account Manager

“My favourite part about working for Preno is the team. I love our team, and how our CEO is just a hands reach away – we’re all here together and it’s easy to connect with everyone.”

– Maggie, Sales Development Representative

“The environment here at Preno is very team-oriented. The company is not bolted down with hierarchy and no individual is greater than another. We work together – one team with one dream!”

– Bradley, Account Manager

“I love being in the Preno team. It’s really great because everyone is really collaborative and works across teams to help one another. Everyone at Preno is also very genuine and wants to see each other succeed – we celebrate each other’s wins which is great.”

– Tomas, Account Manager

Personalisation & refinement at the heart of the Preno sales team

Together, our sales team build awareness and provide understanding of the Preno software. For them, it isn’t about pushing sales, it’s about educating hoteliers about the simplicity of Preno – ensuring it’s the right fit for them.


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When hoteliers reach out to us, we ensure that Preno fits their goals. Our account managers place careful attention and time on getting to know accommodation owners and learning about what they look for in a property management system.

Integrity at the centre: words from the sales team

“Our role in sales is less about explaining how Preno works, and more about finding out what’s important to our customers (both potential and existing). We take the time to learn their struggles and provide valuable insights into how Preno can help them with these. Hoteliers are often time poor, so we refine our conversations to tailor to their needs.”

– Steve, Account Manager

“The best part about working in sales is creating connections with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds. Sales development is all about having personal conversations, all the while sparking interest about Preno.”

– Maggie, Sales Development Representative

“A key value at the centre of our role in sales is honesty and genuineness. We have honest conversations with hoteliers, ensuring that Preno is the right fit for them. And sometimes it might not be, but we’re forever grateful for the connections we create with people in the industry.”

– Bradley, Account Manager

“I spend the majority of my time chatting with Preno trialists to guide them through our software, understand what they’re looking for and see how Preno can fit their needs. Most importantly, I look at how Preno can benefit them and make their daily operations simpler. It’s about guiding hoteliers through Preno and acting as a resource to assist them.”

– Tomas, Account Manager

A love for working in sales, particularly in the accommodation industry

Here at Preno, as a team, we love the culture of the hotel industry – hospitality is, of course, key, so everyone we work and connect with are friendly and enthusiastic.

For our sales team, the accommodation industry is a blessing when it comes to sales. Hoteliers are always up to open, personal conversations. They enjoy sharing their successes (and struggles) as business owners, and our sales team love engaging in these conversations with them.

Open conversations: words from the sales team

“I’ve worked in a variety of industries in sales, and the accommodation industry is so different. The same skills apply, but the people are so much kinder. We deal with hospitable people on a daily basis, and have great discussions with very ‘salt of the earth’ people.”

– Steve, Account Manager

“Working in sales is often very forefront – understanding and patience is key. Hoteliers take time out of their days to speak with us and we greatly appreciate it. More than this, we enjoy the conversations we have, as our industry is full of very nice people.”

– Maggie, Sales Development Representative

“One of the most important parts of working in sales, is understanding the value of people’s time. Having worked at the forefront of the hotel industry myself, I understand just how busy it is. So, understanding the value of hoteliers time makes it even more rewarding that they are so open to having conversations with us.”

– Bradley, Account Manager

“I really like working in the hospitality industry – I speak with nice, genuine people on a daily basis, and their kindness makes my day. When working in sales, all it takes is one kind conversation to make a great day. Our customers’ kindness really motivates me – as does having the ability to offer a great product that genuinely helps them.”

– Tomas, Account Manager

Salt of the earth: honest conversations with honest people

The nature of the accommodation industry is heavily based on hospitality – hoteliers dedicate their time to their guests, so we dedicate our time to them.

Our sales team spend their days speaking with and creating connections with kind, honest people. People who own (or work in) hotels, motels and various other accommodation types.

Hoteliers are salt of the earth people, and here at Preno, we’re blessed to be a part of their day-to-day.

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