What Is Revenue Management in a Hotel?

Revenue management is a critical strategic tool used by hotels to optimise their financial performance. It involves understanding, anticipating, and influencing consumer behaviour through the availability of rooms and prices to maximise revenue. It’s not just about selling the right room to the right customer at the right time for the right price but also […]


What Is a Good Occupancy Rate for Airbnb?

Welcome to Airbnb hosting, where knowing and improving your occupancy rate can change your listing from a small income source to a successful hospitality business. Whether you’re experienced or new to hosting, understanding your Airbnb occupancy rate is key. This post explains what a good occupancy rate looks like, what influences it, and practical ways […]


How to Calculate ADR and Other Hotel Metrics Every Hotelier Needs to Know in 2024

What they mean, how to calculate them, and ways to improve them. 2020 and 2021 have been a challenging time for hotel owners. Global travel has ground to a halt, and worldwide lockdowns have taken their toll on domestic tourism.  Even in parts of the world where people are free to explore their own backyard, […]


Managing Room Inventory with Hotel Booking Software

In the busy hospitality industry, managing inventory is key because of the constant change in customer numbers. Since items like hotel rooms can’t be stored and sold later, making mistakes can be costly. To do well, hotels need to carefully manage their room availability, and using modern hotel room booking software helps a lot. However, […]


How To Be An Airbnb Experiences Host To Increase Your Revenue

Are you an existing Airbnb host ready to take your hosting to the next level and explore new revenue avenues? Or are you someone with a deep passion for a hobby or extensive local knowledge, eager to share your insights with a global audience? If so, diving into Airbnb Experiences could revolutionise the way you […]


Increasing Reservations with Hotel Booking Software

Today, hotels are changing fast because people who love tech want easy and direct ways to book their stays. Travel agents aren’t as popular anymore because hotels see that selling rooms directly is better. This way, they make more money, keep customers coming back, and have more control over their prices. Staying competitive means offering […]


Common Hotel Guest Complaints & How to Handle Them

As a hotel, providing top-notch customer service is crucial in ensuring guest satisfaction and repeat business. However, it’s inevitable that guest complaints will arise during their stay. Here are some common complaints in the hotel industry and tips on how to handle them: Poor housekeeping Dirty laundry left uncollected, used cutlery left in the room, […]


Best Hotel Management Software of 2024

In an industry as dynamic and service-oriented as hospitality, the right tools can make or break the success of a hotel. With the evolution of the travel landscape and the diversifying needs of customers, hotel management software has become not just a helpful resource but a vital component of any hotel’s operational structure. From managing […]


The Top 5 Hotel Management Software for NZ Hoteliers

In the bustling world of hospitality, New Zealand hoteliers constantly juggle the twin pursuits of providing exceptional guest experiences while optimising behind-the-scenes operations. Enter hotel management software – the unsung hero of efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a sea of options available, selecting the right software tailored for the Kiwi hospitality sector can be challenging. […]


How To Select the Best Revenue Management Software for Your Property

Operating a successful hotel in the modern marketplace requires a delicate balance of hospitality and business acumen. One such crucial tool in the arsenal of a modern hotel is Revenue Management Software (RMS). An efficient RMS can be the difference between profitable operations and falling short of financial targets. However, with a multitude of options […]


The Top 5 Hotel Management Software for UK Hoteliers

Hotels across the UK, from quaint inns to bustling city lodges, are the backbone of the tourism industry. In an era where customer expectations are soaring and every review counts, the right technology can transform the guest experience and streamline operations. This article uncovers the top five hotel management software suites that are carving a […]


Streamlining Hospitality with Hotel Housekeeping Management Software

In the labyrinth of hotel management software, the housekeeping department stands as an essential pillar, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of guests day in and day out. Yet, with the surge in customer demands, room turnovers, and the knack for precision, there’s an evident need to bolster this domain. The solution? Hotel housekeeping management software. […]

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