What hoteliers and accommodation owners can learn from Airbnb: Guest amenities

Guest amenities are a simple area every accommodation provider can make an impact in. Even Airbnb hosts provide some basic amenities for their guests. While they may not all be in miniature size, like what most hotels offer, many hosts try and provide some unique amenities to enhance their guests’ stay. With Airbnb’s huge popularity, we wanted to see what their hosts offered to differentiate themselves from other properties and accommodations.

Local treats

Although not an amenity guests’ usually expect, having some local treats for them to sample can really highlight the region or city your accommodation is set in. It also imparts a more personal and local touch to their stay. This will also give you the opportunity to work with and promote local vendors.

Practical amenities

Guests’ often forget the simple things, such as sunscreen and bug repellant. If those are items guests’ may need while staying with you, keep some behind the front desk and let guests know they can borrow these should they need them. Another practical offering you can provide is a map of the area, use this opportunity to highlight some attractions and favourite local eateries.

Comfort amenities

Sometimes it’s nice for guests to experience some comfort items they wouldn’t usually expect. These could be some nice robes they could use while staying at your property or a delicious treat that coincides with a holiday season or special event. This can also be as simple as some gourmet tea and coffee provided in their rooms. While these may be little things, it definitely won’t go unnoticed.


For guests who arrive late at night, or for those who crave a late-night snack, you could always make some simple snacks available for guests to have. This could be as simple as some biscuits coupled with the option of a hot chocolate, tea, or coffee drink. You could even have this be something communal and available in the evenings. It could be a great way for you to interact with your guests, and for guests’ to interact with each other.

While amenities can be a small aspect of the guest stay, they should not be overlooked. Many guests look through an accommodation listing for amenities they will need during their stay. Amenities are also something guests can remember your property by and are a key part in creating that seamless guest experience.

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