Get a Sneak Peek Into Preno’s PMS Capabilities with Our New Video

At Preno, we pride ourselves in creating a hassle-free property management system for the hospitality industry. Our software is comprehensive, user-friendly, and ensures seamless hotel management. To help you get a better understanding of our software, we’re excited to launch our new explainer video.

Our explainer video is a fun and casual representation of all the amazing features Preno has to offer. We’ve highlighted various features that make Preno stand out from the rest, such as our intuitive user interface, guest management tools, and time-saving integrations. We’ve even taken it one step further by introducing you to some of our team members, who are the driving force behind the success and quality of the product we offer today. Without their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we would not be able to provide the top-notch hotel management solution that we proudly stand behind.

With a powerful suite of capabilities, Preno has been designed to help you efficiently manage reservations, housekeeping, payments, and inventory – all in one tool. Our explainer video provides a unique insight into the future of hotel management, showing that it doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. Because, when you automate your admin with Preno, you can step away from your desks and spend more time with guests.



We’re confident that our video will give you a better understanding of Preno and how it can benefit your hospitality business. If you’re looking for a property management system, looking to upgrade, or simply have some questions about our product – don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer success team. They’re always here to help, around the clock.

– The Preno Team

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Preno's Marketing Campaigns Manager, Scott Martin, is a Kiwi marketer with experience in the hospitality sector in NZ & AUS. His industry knowledge is put to good use here at Preno, working alongside hoteliers to showcase ways technology can make their lives easier. He is also a passionate videographer, with a slight sausage dog obsession.

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