Preno’s Connected Rooms: How to Market Your Hotel Rooms as Different Options

Did you know that you can market your hotel rooms as different options? You can do this seamlessly with Preno’s new Connected Rooms feature. 

With Preno’s Connected Rooms, hotels can market one room as multiple options. For smaller properties, this is a great way to increase your room offering and generate more revenue for your hotel. For larger properties with a fluctuation in vacancy, it’s another way you can secure bookings, and more importantly, ones that you can charge more than your standard room rate for. Overall, Connected Rooms is a fantastic feature that enables hoteliers to get the most out of their hotel, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

What makes this feature effortless for hoteliers is the fact that you can configure Connected Rooms to automatically close a room when another room is booked or closed. That way you’ll never accidentally sell a room that isn’t available. The Connected Rooms feature will also automatically update your OTA listings too if it’s connected to Preno’s Channel Manager. This is a great way to maximise your room offering, without increasing your admin.

Here are a few ways you can use Connected Rooms for your hotel:

Example One: Adjoining Rooms or Individual Rooms

If your hotel has two rooms that are connected by an adjoining door, you can market this to guests as two separate options. The first option would be two rooms that can be booked as normal and can’t be accessed by the other party. In this situation, you’re able to sell one or two rooms separately when you have the two different rooms available.

The second – it can be sold as one connected room in which the adjoining door can be accessed from either side. This is great for parents that require privacy from children but want to still be able to remain close, or two couples that would like to feel like they’re all staying together without booking an entire apartment.

Example Two: Apartment or Separate Rooms

Another example is if you have an apartment that can be sold as one entire apartment unit, but you’d also like it to also be sold as two separate rooms. This is an easy way to create more options for guests at your smaller property, as well as increase the chances of getting a booking in general. 

Example Three: Hostels or Beds

If you own a hostel, your first option can be to rent out the whole room. This can attract large groups of people travelling together on a budget, such as school groups or families and friends. Renting out an entire room in a hostel tends to be more  uncommon, so this can help your property stand out online and increase your revenue as you’ll be able to list it at a higher price point. 

The second, you can sell the individual beds in the room as per a typical hostel situation.

Example Four: Deluxe Suite or Entire Floor

If you own a hotel or property with rooms situated on different levels that can only be accessed by those staying on it (such as swipe cards used in an elevator) these options are for you.

This first option is that you can list is your rooms or deluxe suites as you usually would online.

For the second, you could consider selling an entire floor to a group. This is a great option for properties that offer the same type of rooms per level, such as 3 deluxe suites on the top floor. This will attract groups that are willing to pay more money to be separated from the general public, as only the people staying on that floor can access that level. Or, this can be a great option for those attending an event as a large group, such as a wedding.

Example Five: Unit or Entire Property

This option is for properties which have more than one unit, and have an event space available for use. Your first option would be to list each individual room online as per usual.

The second option is you can hire out the entire hotel and/or event space as a venue. If your property is situated in a destination location or a large city, this is a good option as you’ll be able to charge more than your usual rate as your guests will not only have access to all the rooms, they’ll also have access to the event space. Think business conferences or weddings.

If you’re interested in trying Connected Rooms, sign up for Preno’s free trial today.

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