What hoteliers and accommodation owners can learn from Airbnb

With the popularity of Airbnb amongst many travellers, we look into what makes Airbnb such a popular platform and what you as hoteliers and small accommodation owners can learn from them.

Why is Airbnb so successful?

Airbnb tapped into how a certain generation of people wanted to travel. Their ‘live like a local campaign’ really helped establish the kind of customer they were appealing to. They pioneered the idea of home-sharing, and set a point of difference to other holiday home rentals through being more urban, and less focused on seaside and mountain escapes.

Airbnb also had targeted branding, knowing the customer they wanted to appeal to, Airbnb curated their listings to showcase more quirky living spaces. In-line with their branding, Airbnb was well priced compared to hotels in similar or nearby neighbourhoods. This made Airbnb a more favourable choice over traditional accommodations.

Airbnb redefined what people expect when it comes to accommodation, it became less about somewhere to sleep and more about living there from the moment a guest arrived, and you can do this too!

What can a hotelier or small accommodation owner learn from Airbnb?

Local and cultural experiences

Airbnb provides the opportunity for guests to partake in their local community. Having many accommodation options in neighbourhoods, Airbnb offers experiencing a city through the lens of a local. With Airbnb experiences, you can now also experience the city and culture with a local guide. This is a unique aspect of Airbnb.

Hoteliers: You can offer up your own local knowledge to your guests, highlight favourite local spots in your marketing material and highlight some favourite local eats and must-sees upon their arrival.

Personal connections

Airbnb offers the opportunity for guests to make personal connections with their hosts or through local guides as part of Airbnb’s Experiences. Meeting other like-minded travellers is a great way for guests to create lasting memories of their travel.

Hoteliers: You could put on a wine & cheese evening where guests can meet and mingle with each other and you, or some of your team. This is a great way everyone to meet, and provides a more personal experience. Alternatively, offer a short, free walking tour of your area, so guests can get acquainted with the neighbourhood and meet others.

Easy engagement

Airbnb makes it easy for you to talk to your host from discovery through to your stay. Their ease of communication also creates trust between guests and hosts, and hosts can provide any additional information about their property or the surrounding area during this time.

Hoteliers: Stay approachable during discovery, and make it accessible for potential guests to contact you about any further information.

Clear communication

A successful Airbnb host and listing let the guest know exactly what they’re going to expect when they show up to the property. They are transparent about what the guest can expect and experience.

Hoteliers: Be transparent when describing your rooms and accommodation. Let guests know what they can expect when they visit your accommodation.

Airbnb ultimately makes the accommodation experience personal, and you can too!

We’ll be continuing with this ‘What you can learn from Airbnb’ series, with a more in-depth look at what you can learn from Airbnb hosts, listings, and guest amenities. Stay tuned!

Not sure where to start? Get in contact with our friendly customer success team at Preno to see how simple, hotel management software can save you time.

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