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The sharing economy has transformed the way we travel and stay. Airbnb, the pioneering platform that introduced the world to this new model, has undoubtedly changed the game for property owners and travellers alike. However, as the landscape evolves, it’s smart for property owners and hotel managers to explore alternatives. This post dives into sites like Airbnb, highlighting options to list your property and maximise visibility, bookings, and revenue.

The Sharing Economy and the Rise of Airbnb

In recent years, the sharing economy has revolutionised various sectors, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Airbnb emerged at the forefront of this change, offering a user-friendly online travel agency for homeowners to rent out their spaces to travellers. The concept caught on rapidly, providing a unique travel experience and an additional income stream for property owners.

However, as the market matured, the need for diversification became evident. While Airbnb remains a dominant player, several other platforms have emerged, each with unique features and benefits. Exploring these Airbnb alternatives can be beneficial for property owners looking to expand their reach and increase bookings.

The Need for Airbnb Alternatives

While Airbnb offers a broad audience, relying solely on one platform can be limiting. Diversifying your listings across multiple sites can help mitigate risks and tap into different market segments. Understanding the gaps and seeking alternatives can enhance your property’s visibility and booking potential.

Exploring the Gaps

  1. Limited Niche Markets: Airbnb caters to a broad audience but may not always reach niche markets effectively.
  2. Commission Rates: Different platforms offer varying commission structures. Exploring other sites may reduce fees.
  3. User Experience: Diversifying can help you find platforms with better user interfaces and customer support tailored to your needs.

Top Sites Like Airbnb for Listing Your Property

To help you get started, here’s a detailed overview of some of the top Airbnb alternatives. We’ll look at criteria such as user base, commission rates, and niche markets to provide a comprehensive guide.

Criteria for Selection

  • User Base: A large and active user base increases your chances of bookings.
  • Commission Rates: Lower commission rates mean more revenue for you.
  • Niche Markets: Some platforms cater to specific types of travellers or properties.


Vrbo, short for Vacation Rentals by Owner, is one of the most popular alternatives to Airbnb. It focuses primarily on entire homes, making it ideal for families and groups. Vrbo’s user-friendly interface and strong reputation make it a reliable choice for property owners.


HomeAway, now integrated with Vrbo, offers a similar experience with a vast global reach. It caters to a wide range of property types, from beachfront villas to urban apartments. HomeAway’s extensive marketing efforts ensure high visibility for your listings.


Owned by TripAdvisor, FlipKey is another excellent platform for listing vacation rentals. It leverages TripAdvisor’s vast user base, providing significant exposure for your property. FlipKey also offers robust review and rating systems, helping build credibility and trust with potential guests.

Originally known for hotel bookings, has expanded its offerings to include vacation rentals. It boasts a massive global audience and provides extensive support for property owners. With competitive commission rates and a strong focus on customer service, is a solid choice for diversifying your listings.

Agoda Homes

Agoda Homes, part of the Agoda travel agency, focuses on Asian markets but is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. It offers a user-friendly platform and competitive commission rates. Listing on Agoda Homes can help you reach travellers looking for unique and affordable accommodations.

TripAdvisor Rentals

TripAdvisor Rentals leverages the power of TripAdvisor’s review system to attract travellers. It offers a wide range of property types and provides valuable insights into traveler preferences. Listing on TripAdvisor Rentals can enhance your property’s visibility and credibility.

Plum Guide

Plum Guide takes a unique approach by handpicking and rigorously vetting each property on its platform. This ensures a high standard of quality, attracting discerning travellers. While the vetting process is stringent, successfully listing on Plum Guide can set your property apart from the competition.


OneFineStay focuses on luxury homes and offers a personalised experience for both property owners and guests. It provides comprehensive property management services, including photography and guest support. Listing on OneFineStay can help you tap into the high-end market.

Benefits and Challenges of Diversifying Your Listings

Diversifying your listings across multiple platforms comes with its own set of benefits and challenges. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions and optimise your strategy.


  1. Increased Visibility: Listing on multiple platforms increases your property’s exposure to a larger audience.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Diversifying reduces dependence on a single platform, protecting you from potential policy changes or market shifts.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Different platforms cater to different demographics, allowing you to reach specific market segments.


  1. Management Complexity: Managing listings across multiple platforms can be time-consuming and complex.
  2. Consistency: Ensuring consistent pricing, availability, and property information across platforms is crucial to avoid confusion and double bookings.
  3. Platform Fees: Each platform has its own commission structure, which can impact your overall revenue.

Tips for Maximising Visibility and Bookings Across Multiple Hotel Booking Platforms

To make the most of listing on multiple platforms, follow these tips to maximise visibility and bookings.

Optimise Your Listings

Ensure your property descriptions are detailed and engaging. Highlight unique features and include high-quality photos to attract potential guests. Use relevant keywords naturally to improve searchability.

Monitor Pricing

Keep an eye on pricing trends and adjust your rates accordingly. Competitive pricing can help you stay ahead in the market and attract more bookings.

Leverage Reviews

Encourage guests to leave reviews on all platforms. Positive reviews build trust and credibility, increasing the likelihood of bookings.

Use a Channel Manager

Consider using a channel manager to streamline the management of your listings. It syncs your property information, availability, and pricing across platforms, reducing the risk of errors and saving you time.

Stay Responsive

Quickly respond to inquiries and booking requests. Prompt communication enhances the guest experience and can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

The future of property listing sites is bright, with numerous platforms offering unique features and benefits. By diversifying your listings and leveraging multiple platforms, you can increase your property’s visibility, reach a broader audience, and maximise bookings.

Stay informed about emerging trends and continuously optimise your listings to stay ahead in the competitive market.

About the author

Kendra, the Marketing Content Manager at Preno, brings her expertise in Marketing and Communications to help hoteliers stay ahead of the curve. With a deep passion for the industry, she is committed to providing valuable insights and strategies for success.

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