How can you use the low season to improve your accommodation business

Do you operate a seasonal accommodation? Or accommodation that has high and low seasons?

Here are some ways you can make your business work for you during the low seasons.

Increase marketing in other locations

While it may be your low season, tourists travel at all times of the year. Increase your marketing at locations that have holidays.

Focus on social media

Take time to be active and grow your social media presence. The low season gives you time to have those personal interactions through social media, and remain top of mind when high season comes around.

Reach out to publications

Editors and journalists usually have contents planned a fair bit ahead of time. Use this to your advantage and land a feature just as you’re about to go into high season. This will help drum up interest and grow your accommodations brand.

Grow your knowledge and your network

Use this low season to attend educational events or networking events. Get to know the people and trends within your industry and gain new partnerships and skills to be prepared for high season.

Ask customers for feedback

Customer feedback and reviews are important, but it also takes time to ask for them. Use this time to ask guests to leave you reviews, run a competition for a gift card or voucher for a random reviewer in exchange for their time.

Check on your business performance

Being prepared for high season is important for growing your revenue and profit margins. Assess what went right, and what you could do better to increase performance next high season. During low season periods, use this time to forecast, do resource planning and have a look at your pricing strategies.

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