How emails can help you enhance the guest experience

You can use emails to personalise and enhance the guest experience. Using emails is an effective way to gather information pre-stay, ask for reviews post-stay, and keep them engaged once they are part of your database. Automating your emails can save lots of time while keeping track of communication sent to your guests. Here is how you can use these different types of guest emails to inform each part of the journey.

Pre-stay email

A pre-stay email is a great way to start the conversation between you as an accommodation provider and your potential guest. Use this email to ask guests if they have any preferences for their stay. Whether it’s a special occasion, an allergy requirement, or request of additional amenities, the pre-stay email will help you get prepared. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize the guest stay with the information they give. It can be as simple as a handwritten note wishing them a happy anniversary or birthday, or some sweet treats to celebrate.

Let guests know all the information they need when staying at your accommodation. Provide important information on your area, and directions to your property. Include useful information like booking details and contact number for your accommodation.

Post-stay email

Once a guests checks out, you can send them a post-stay email thanking them for their stay and asking them for any feedback. You can include links to review sites so guests can leave feedback on those sites as well as through email. Personalise the post-stay email with the guest name, and encourage them to stay with you if they choose to return. You can incentivise this with a % off coupon, voucher or a free breakfast, or treat if they return within the year.

Post-stay feedback is important as it will tell you exactly what someone enjoyed about their stay and if there is anything they didn’t. This will inform the facilities or amenities you can advertise when marketing your accommodation. It also provides feedback you can use to improve your service, and provide valuable social proof (testimonial) for your website. You can add images, headers and footers to the original email templates and customise the emails to fit your brand.


Keep your database engaged with informative newsletters. Update former guests with updated facilities or amenities, seasonal events, or any interesting activities in your area. The aim here is to stay front of mind with past guests, so that they will remember you the next time they go on holiday. You can send these out seasonally, or coinciding with popular holiday periods, or quarterly. No matter the cadence you choose, you need to ensure your emails are informative as well as promotional.

Achieving higher levels of guest engagement translate into more repeat customers, increased customer loyalty, positive guest experiences and more revenue.

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