Five tips to drive direct bookings for your hotel

Driving direct bookings can be challenging with the competition from Online Travel Agents (OTA). Here we outline five ways to market your property to drive direct bookings.

User-friendly website design

Your website is an extension of your property, so make sure it is easy to use and informative. Having a user-friendly website design will help guests navigate your website to access all the information they need. Your guests will be looking for imagery of your property, so make sure your images are professional. Be sure to have the booking button in a prominent place on your website too; you want to make it easy for them to book directly with you.

Mobile bookings

An extension of your website is the mobile platform for your website. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile users, and make it easy for them to book directly from their mobile devices.  You’ll want your mobile website to have all the important features of your desktop website too.

Targeted discounts

You can offer targeted discounts to guests who have previously stayed with you, or who are on your mailing list. These don’t always have to be a discount in rate, but can be complimentary services like free breakfast. Having value-added packages will encourage guests to book directly with you.

Channel Manager

Make sure you are listed with a channel manager. They will help you with listings across different Online Travel Agents. When customers see your listing on an OTA, they generally go to check out your website. Here is where you can capitalise on good website design and gain a direct booking. Make sure you link back to your website on social media and review sites too. That will help drive direct bookings from multiple platforms. (E.g. Preno offers its very own channel manager as an add-on to its PMS, and also integrates with leading channel managers STAAH & SiteMinder.)

Guest Satisfaction

The best way to ensure direct bookings is to provide an excellent guest experience when they stay with you. Once they have experienced your service, the next time they return to the area, you can be sure they’ll be booking with you. You can also keep in touch with them after their stay, let them know of any new services, improvements, or specials! Having a database of customers can drive direct bookings through email marketing.

Direct bookings help you maximise your profit margin. Capitalising on good website design, customer communication and satisfaction will help you generate more direct sales.

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