How to manage with a high turnover of staff

With the fast-paced and high turnover nature of the accommodation industry, it is no wonder retaining staff can be a challenge. With the constantly changing industry, staff turnover can be high and can impact on guest experience and hotel productivity. We share with you some ways in which you can increase productivity, efficiency, and improve operations by reducing the high turnover of staff. This can also save you time and revenue in the long run.

Make staff retention a priority

If you invest in, and value your staff, retaining them will come naturally. Staff retention will help keep productivity high and the guest experience consistent. In such a fast-paced industry, it can be difficult to find the time to value your staff, but something as simple as providing praise for a job well done will help them feel appreciated and valued.

Tip: Ensure you provide opportunities for your staff to grow and progress within your organisation.

Consider job-share options

While young workers are important to the workforce, so are older ones and those returning from a long period off work. While this group may need a little more flexibility in their hours due to children or other matters, the accommodation industry is one that can provide that flexibility. Consider advertising positions that have the opportunity to share the job, whether the hours are split 9-3 and 3-late or whether the split is by days.

Tip: Providing the flexibility in hours and days can help retain staff that have family commitments but still want to work part-time.

Invest in younger employees or apprentices

Younger employees and apprentices are great for the accommodation industry as there is the opportunity to foster a long career in hospitality. As well as teaching them new skills, you can train them across different hotel operations and allow them to progress in their desired area. This also provides the opportunity for employees new to the workforce who want to be part of the accommodation industry but may not have the experience. Apprentices can be of great value to the property, and a good place to invest your time.

Tip: Taking on apprentices or fostering a program in training up employees new to the workforce can be beneficial in creating long term employees for your property.

Provide ongoing training

Training is an important aspect of any job, and keeping your employees skilled and up-to-date on the latest operations is important for growth and productivity. Provide opportunities for staff to refresh their skills, or learn a new skill within their department. Providing an opportunity for them to develop will help them feel valued, and will lead to higher retention of staff. Keeping them trained will also help them understand any new processes in place, and be able to make that transition quickly and effectively.

Tip: Ensure all staff members are well trained for their role and settled into their teams. This will ensure they do the best in their role.

Use hotel technology to free up your time

In the fast-paced accommodation industry, raising staff productivity requires commitment from the whole team. As well as investing in your staff to reduce turnover, you need to invest in technology that will help you and your staff save time during daily processes, like the automation of admin tasks. Having the right software and systems in place that are easy to use will help new staff learn faster, and let experienced staff have more time for the guest experience.

Tip: Technology can help you and your staff save time, allowing you to grow your business and have more time for your guests.

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