Preno, celebrating a new look and feel

At Preno, we’ve always had a unique personality and a progressive product offering and we’re delighted to be able to bring a new and fuller expression of this to life with the launch of our refreshed brand.

These changes come at a time when we’re expanding our product offering and extending our global customer footprint. In the last year, “Preno has successfully developed our product with a range of new functionality while growing our global customer base across what is now 24 countries” said Amelia Gain, CEO of Preno. Our new brand better reflects our market-leading position and clearly communicates the product we’re taking to market.

The past few years have been fast-paced at Preno as we’ve moved from progressive early adopters to scaling up into a wider range of customers and markets. We’ve made great progress towards our vision: “To be at the heart of the world’s best accommodation experiences”, and we remain focused on providing market-leading PMS software as we seek to help accommodation providers run successful businesses through systems excellence and automation.

Since 2015 our journey has also brought us to the point where we realised we’d outgrown our previous brand and needed to develop our story and identity for a new phase of growth-focused activity. Our previous logo no longer adequately explained what Preno does and didn’t capture the simplicity and power of what Preno can unlock for customers. Building a refreshed brand identity and personality was a natural progression of how far Preno has come and the time felt right to lay some foundations which we think are important building blocks as we tell our story into the future.

We needed to update our messaging and establish a stronger digital presence online where our customers primarily experience both in the first instance and as ongoing users of our software. The newly-redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages and simplified messaging. The visual design showcases and celebrates the simplicity that Preno’s software provides for seamless guest experience. The Team page has been updated to highlight Preno’s employees and gives a glimpse into the unique company culture.

“While our name remains the same, our logo and website have changed to better represent who Preno is and what we bring to market for our customers”, commented Amri Theron,  Head of Marketing at Preno. Our new identity is innovative, simple and smart.

Finally, while our brand’s look and feel has changed, our DNA has not. The values that run through Preno are still the same. For our customers, partners and shareholders, nothing changes; however, we expect there might be some questions, so feel free to contact us with any you might have.

We’d like to thank you—our customers, partners, shareholders, team members and our supporters around the world—for being part of the Preno journey. For more information visit us here

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About the author

Amelia is Preno’s CEO and Co-Founder. As a former hotelier, she enjoys writing about the latest hotel industry news and trends.

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