Guest experience trends

Trends that will continue to influence the guest experience

There are a few trends that have had an influential presence on the guest experience this year, and we predict they’ll be just as influential in the year to come. The accommodation industry will need to adapt their processes to be more guest-focused. Looking at these trends, we can see that more and more accommodations will start to focus on diversifying revenue streams, and better utilising their data.

Hospitality will be more human-focused

We’ve started seeing this trend implemented throughout the industry. Hotels have been taking cues from the likes of Airbnb offering tours and experiences outside of booking a room. With this demand, accommodation providers will be afforded the opportunity to partner with like-minded providers to enhance the guest’s stay.

Hospitality will go back to the simple notion the industry is centered around, the people. While we don’t mean to neglect the human element of the industry, it isn’t always a priority. The industry will need to re-focus, so that they can continue to provide an enhanced guest experience, beyond a place to sleep.

Hotels will be the local hub

With the popularity of Airbnb’s ‘live like a local campaign’ hotels have taken that as a cue to implement more unique, local, experiences. Whether it’s through food, amenities, or room items, hotels have made a move to provide guests with more localized experiences.

It has also highlighted that staycations are still relevant to the industry. Marketing and selling to those already in the area could result in more guest loyalty. Not necessarily around room stays, but in utilizing your other amenities. Maximizing these potential revenue streams also help hotels to regain their status as a center of social activity.

Data will be key

Data helps inform all of your decisions. If you have all the data, you are better able to make smart business decisions. From guest personalisation to resource planning, data should inform every step you take. After all, they say knowledge is power.

Use your property management’s reporting data to inform your marketing. You can run specials or deals during quiet periods, and flex your rates for the busy times. Use last year’s data to plan your resources accordingly, so that your business is always running efficiently. With Preno we keep it simple for you to get easy reporting across different dates and areas like housekeeping, invoices, deposits or booking status. Generating your own data for your property is what will help you expand your reach online.


This year we’ve seen these trends emerge and solidify as key influencers on enhancing the guest experience. Going forward, we will continue to see more focus put on the guest, and the move for hotels to become more interwoven in the wider community.

About the author

Amanda is Preno’s content strategist, with added skills in copywriting and digital marketing. Working across Marketing & Sales, she enjoys writing content that covers trends, tips, and resources that help empower hoteliers.